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Continuing, Liebenow wrote,'Detracting from the benefits to be derived from the extension of suffrage/representation in the Legislature and theOpen Door Policy to the tribal hinterlandwas the fact that elections had actually become almost meaningless exercises within the single-party state. Real power had gravitated effectively .
Since the structure of the single-party state has remained virtually intact since reunification in 1976 under the rule of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), it is tempting to conclude that no significant political change has occurred.
The NCF pointed that the Roadmap Agreement brokered by the African Union is inconsistent with its declared position regarding the national dialogue, stressing its rejection to any dialogue that doesn't lead to dismantling the single-party state and to establish a civil and democratic state.
The twice-a-decade meeting sets the direction for the single-party state for the coming five years.
Before its merger with the north in 1990, South Yemen was a Communist, single-party state. The Soviets long had close ties with the Baathist regimes in Iraq and Syria, with post-independence Algeria and with Egypt under former president Jamal Abdul Nasser.
Politically, Florida is a single-party state, with Republicans enjoying near complete institutional dominance.
Upon gaining independence it became a single-party state under the presidency of Hastings Banda, who remained president until 1994, when he was ousted from power.
Not surprisingly, perhaps, the nation is willing to use its nuclear know-how as a bargaining tool in negotiations with other countries, a tendency that often frustrates and confounds those attempting to negotiate with the single-party state. Indeed, to much of the world, North Korea largely retains its enigmatic image as a 'black box,' ruled by an autocratic Kim Jong-il (son of North Korea's longest serving and totalitarian leader--and Kim Jong Il's father--Kim Il Sung).
In these terms, Syria is currently considered a single-party state.
Egypt has changed since the circus began in 1966: it went from nationalisation to privatisation, and from a single-party state to a struggling democracy.
Although under Ben'Ali elections were contested by opposition parties, in reality it was a single-party state in which the RCD spread its tentacles everywhere.
It remains a single-party state, despite some cracks in Fidel's former paranoid hold on society.
When the single-party state (the Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI) did what was necessary to recover from its repression of the 1968 student movement, it laid the foundation for the socioeconomic crisis of 1976.
1962 Military coup led by General Ne Win forms single-party state - the Socialist Programme Party.
Chavez, critics say, is shutting down a television station, creating a single-party state, nationalizing key industries, threatening perpetual re-election, ruling by decree and vowing to impose "21st-century socialism."
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