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the capital of Singapore

an island to the south of the Malay Peninsula

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In the first essay, "Singapura in early modern cartography", Peter Borschberg of the National University of Singapore gives an interesting overview of the name and concept of Singapore, as derived from early cartography and travel accounts, both Eastern and Western.
She covers modernizing Singapore Malays; the state's gaze on Malays; the state and its management of religion; implementing modernity: omissions and ambivalences; the administration of the Muslim Law Act and Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura: bureaucratized places and personal spaces; time: logically coherent versus socially coherent approaches; and Jawi, Romanized Malay, and English: dialectical co-existences.
Singapore comes from the Malay word Singapura which means Lion City - it was so named after a prince landed on the island and sighted a lion.
Over the years when living or visiting other countries I have shown the same respect as I do to God Save the Queen: in the United States to the Star Spangled Banner, in Australia to Advance Australia Fair, In Singapore I have stood for Majulah Singapura, and in France to the La Marseillaise.
Iniciando a longa viagem do Rio a Singapura, passo pelo controle no Galeao e pela Security no Heathrow.
Called 'Singapura: 700 years,' the show is a journey through Singapore's transformation through the ages as it went from a humble fishing village to the pride of an empire, before finally achieving its current status of being an independent nation-state.
Singapore, Singapore, April 03, 2015 --( National Museum and Je t'aime Perfumery interprets '700 years of Singapura' through smells.
Currently, he is helping to develop Singapura, an original musical opening in 2015 in Singapore to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their independence.
Shopping malls in the portfolio include ION Orchard and Plaza Singapura - which are located in one of the world's most famous shopping streets, Orchard Road - Raffles City Singapore and Clarke Quay in Singapore.
Speaking at "Majlis Singapura," Bhatia dwelt at length on the striking similarities and the business dynamism of the two global cities.
It is a tribute to the Singapore Council of Islamic Scholars (Majlis Ulama Islam Singapura), who now maintain the mosque, that it is so well kept.
A promising second o n her Kempton debut, she was a well-backed8-13shottogoone betterandwithtwoofhermarket rivals, Singapura and Oriental Romance, being withdrawn at thestart,hertaskwasa relatively straightforward one.
During a mass meeting held on 25 May 1957, it was agreed that a new missionary organisation was to be formed, called Persatuan Muhammadiyah Singapura (hereinafter referred to as the Muhammadiyah).
* Hovering above the city, Singapura serves traditional pan-Asian cuisines in a modern surrounding.