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an inhabitant of Singapore

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The Singaporean leader is also scheduled to visit Davao City, Duterte's hometown, during which she will visit the Philippine Eagle Center and hold a dialogue with the Mindanao youth.
For his part, the Singaporean official has lauded great efforts and services provided by the foundation for the Singaporean pilgrims, hailing great projects in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites.
Singapore authorities are supporting the ongoing search operations to locate two Singaporeans who went missing while kayaking in Mersing waters on Thursday.
'After careful treatment by [Singaporean] doctors between 2am and 3am Singaporean time, my right shoulder sprain was successfully treated.
The Singaporean entrepreneurs were also encouraged to increase their imports of Belitung's flagship products like fish, pepper and other spices.
In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, when emigration was frowned upon, it was quite a well-known fact that many Singaporean citizens of Eurasian descent opted to leave Singapore for Western countries, with Australia and New Zealand being the most popular destinations.
'Food has always been an integral part of the Singaporean identity, and it is wonderful that Sheraton has given us this opportunity to share our Singaporean food culture with everyone,' said Dr Edmund Chia, Consul-General of The Republic of Singapore in Oman.
THIS year's National Day Parade (NDP) theme and logo, which reads 'We Are Singapore,' represents Singaporeans proudly proclaiming who they are as a people, what they have overcome and what they aspire to be together.
The minister noted that there are a number of successful Singaporean investment projects in the Egyptian market in the fields of agriculture, logistics, food products, and water desalination.
"In my opinion, yes, the young Singaporeans, even from 1983 till now, want to perform their Hajj.
Philippine Ambassador Joseph del Mar Yap said the Singaporean government recognizes the contribution of the OFWs here and that the big difference between Singapore and other countries is that when there are cases of abuse, OFWs can report them to Singapore police, who 'actually take action.'
According to Yap, there is a huge difference in the number of Filipino tourists coming to Singapore compared to the number of Singaporean tourists visiting the Philippines.
Simplicity and Typological Effects in the Emergence of New Englishes: The Noun Phrase in Singaporean and Kenyan English
Muscat, Oct.31 st (ONA) The Omani Economic Association (OEA) organized at the premises of the Cultural Club a panel discussion under the theme ' Aspirations of the Omani- Singaporean Partnership'.
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