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the curve of y=sin x


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The source recordings were the original, unprocessed digital files of laboratory-prepared sine waves and speech samples; the clipped recordings were the source recordings after their amplitudes had been increased beyond their maximum quantization levels, causing clipping of the waveform peaks; and the restored recordings were the clipped recordings after being processed by the two commercial software programs to restore their peaks.
The instrumentation (Figure 7) required includes a waveform generator to produce the sine waves and potentiostat to control the potential.
To improve the picture, NVH engineers split the sound pressure into sine waves with different frequencies as shown in figure 3.
The servo signal is a series of sine waves which provides precise feedback to control the position of the read/write head on each of the 192 data tracks across the width of the tape.
The chip splits a complex signal into 62 sine waves, each sent to a processor that delays the wave and compares its signal with that of an undelayed wave.
Vrms Option for Audio Function Generators: Select Vrms in addition to Vpp on sine waves generated from the function generator audio outputs.
spoken-word recordings) as analog sine waves, much like the traces on an oscilloscope.
The net constructed this generating function in a method somewhat analogous to the mathematical technique called Fourier analysis, which enables scientists to approximate any curve by adding together sine waves of different frequency, phase and amplitude Instead of sine waves, however, the net used another trigonometric function, hyperbolic tangents (tanh).
Made of shock-absorbing Silastic(R) silicone rubber with threaded aluminum nuts/screws integrated into each end, Bumper Beans are designed for G-force sine waves between 80-250hz, reducing force by up to a factor of 10.
The Anabaria juvensis stromatolites, taken from the Bitter Springs formation in central Australia, snaked upward in the 850-million-year-old fossil record in the distinct pattern of sine waves.
is different from traditional narrowband wireless technologies that use sine waves and operate on a specific frequency.
Time Domain's Pulsed Ultra Wideband solution is radically different from traditional radio because it sends precisely timed pulses instead of traditional sine waves to communicate data and voice.
Using precisely timed pulses instead of traditional sine waves, PulsON sends millions of time-coded pulses across a wide swath of spectrum.