Sinai Desert

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a desert on the Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt

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We'll have every map on display, from the Sinai Desert to Suez and Ballroom Blitz.
Investigations continue into what caused the Airbus A321-200 to crash into the Sinai desert on Saturday, killing all 224 people on board.
Meanwhile, aviation experts continued to comb debris, which is spread over a wide area of the Sinai desert, for clues.
In 2003, Doug was forced to re-route to the Sinai Desert in Egypt after the China expedition was cancelled because of the deadly SARS epidemic.
Victor Guiza captures the feeling of the heat, dryness and vastness of the wide expanse of the arid Sinai desert and the hopelessness of the circumstances surrounding Mylo's situation in his full color illustrations.
SINAI DESERT THERE are few experiences as magical as watching the sun set whilst standing atop a mountain in the middle of the desert, then watching the stars come out, one after another, in the unpolluted night sky.
Cairo, July 23 (Petra) -- Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources on Tuesday denied reports that the Sinai desert gas pipeline feeding Jordan's power plants was bombed early today.
document the trafficking of refugees from the Sinai desert, who fled from Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan beginning in 2009.
He said the case had been brought after 16 Egyptian border guards were killed last August by militants near the Gaza border that highlighted lawlessness in the Sinai desert region adjoining Israel and Gaza.
Washington, Feb 27 ( ANI ): The weapons that helped Libyan rebels oust dictator Muammar Gaddafi have been put up for sale at auctions in Egypt's lawless Sinai Desert, where shadowy buyers purchase firearms for Al-Qaeda and Hamas operatives, it has emerged.
Israel accuses Sudan of serving as a hub for transiting Iranian weapons via the Egyptian Sinai desert to militant groups in Gaza strip including PIJ.
Mount El Hallal near the border is well known in the Sinai desert.
The army has now successfully attacked camps in the Sinai, killing 20 militants, as it started to re-establish control over the Sinai desert near the border with Israel and Gaza.
NNA - 06/08/2012 - Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri sent a cable to the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi offering condolences for the victims of the attack against the Egyptian army at the Rafah crossing in the Sinai desert yesterday.