Sinai Desert

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a desert on the Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt

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Egypt has pledged to resume its gas export halted by over a dozen blasts that ravaged the Sinai Desert pipeline since February 2011.
In April, two rockets believed to have been smuggled from Libya were fired from Egypt's Sinai desert toward the Israeli resort town of Eilat.
AL-ARISH: Armed tribesmen freed two Brazilian women and an Egyptian police officer who was with them late Sunday, hours after abducting them in the Sinai desert, a security official said.
The concluding round of voting to the lower house of parliament takes in parts of the rural south, populous industrial Nile Delta areas north of Cairo and the Sinai desert region to the east.
Egypt: Egypt will substantially raise the price of its gas exports to Israel, which have stopped after militants blew up a Sinai desert pipeline, an Egyptian newspaper reported on Tuesday.
CDATA[ Itas 1936 all over again, and Egypt is Germany, and the Sinai Desert is the Rhineland which is being remilitarised.
Israel said the attackers infiltrated from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip via Egypt's Sinai desert, despite increased efforts by Egyptian security forces to rein in Palestinian and Islamist radicals.
Israel has accused Hamas and Islamic Jihad of exploiting developments in Egypt to increase their stockpiles of missiles, particularly Egypt's loss of control over the Sinai desert, which the Gaza strip borders, the pan-Arab daily noted, citing a report by the Israeli daily YEDIOTH AHRONOTH.
Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai desert under Israel's control in
The new 15-day Egypt and Jordan tour itinerary includes a Nile cruise aboard Oberoi Philae sailing from Aswan to Luxor, a stop at St Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert, and a trip to Petra, the Lost City of Stone, in private flights.
AFRICAN migrants en route to Israel are subject to torture, rape and assault by traffickers in Egypt's Sinai desert, Israeli Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said, citing interviews it conducted with victims.
The Egyptian-Gaza border is tightly controlled to prevent smuggling from the Sinai desert.
Here Maitland describes how she decided to expand her newfound love of silence, from experiencing silence in the Sinai desert to Scotland and a remote cottage on the Isle of Skye.
Baobab Expeditions is offering a program to enable clients to discover the Holy Land of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with the opportunity to traverse the Sinai desert with the Bedu tribe.
Dozens of tunnels are said to criss-cross between southern Gaza and Egypt's Sinai desert, providing a lifeline to Gaza residents who are starved of basic supplies due to Israel's blockade of the territory.