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a mountain peak in the southern Sinai Peninsula (7,500 feet high)


a desert on the Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt

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of Durham, UK) present 16 papers from a July 2007 conference that they thought would revolve around the giving of the Torah at Sinai as the normative paradigm for subsequent revelation in Judaism and Christianity; to their surprise, the conference instead dealt primarily with the ways in which Sinai was relativized to other examples of revelation in the history of ancient Judaism and beyond.
At the Mount Sinai center, scientists are also using a pregnancy cohort of about 400 New York women of different ethnicities who gave birth at Mount Sinai Hospital from 1998 to 2003.
The Blueprint Initiative is a research program of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, with an affiliated node in Singapore.
Trouble is, say Bates and Sinai, UC Berkeley is a land-grant university that does not pay property taxes to the city.
But the argument could be made that this subsequent ascent of Sinai introduces the next major section of the Sinai experience--the granting of instructions for the building of the sanctuary, the preparation of its furnishings, and the consecration of its ministers.
The event has major significance,'' said Mount Sinai General Manager Len Lawrence.
We design them, style them and source them," said Sinai, adding that the towels will display a unique color sense and palette.
In addition, Mount Sinai NYU Health, formed last year by the merger of the Mount Sinai Medical Center and NYU Medical Center, has taken a 10-year lease for 80,000 square feet at One Park Avenue, where it will relocate some of its corporate functions from their location at The Mount Sinai Hospital.
FILE - Governor of South Sinai General Khaled Fouda in a school in south Sinai CAIRO -- 3 March 2018: South Sinai Governor General Khaled Fouda announced on Saturday the opening of new classes for general secondary schools and technical education in all schools of basic education in valleys and Bedouin communities.
The National Company for Sinai Development will start receiving applications for the company's subscribed shared capital worth EGP 600m, until 5 December, said chairperson Hassan Fahmy.
The October 31 crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 in Egypt has focused global attention on the threat posed by the Islamic State's branch in the Sinai Peninsula, which claimed responsibility.
A deux jours du 30eme anniversaire de la liberation du Sinai, IsraE1/2l a allegue que des groupes terroristes allaient perpetrer des actes terroristes contre ses ressortissants au Sinai.
I knew for years that Sinai was more than Sharm El-Sheikh's resorts on the Red Sea where I frequent but my love for Sinai, the whole of Sinai, was dormant.
The anti-terror command at the Prime Minister's Office has called for all Israelis to leave the Sinai Peninsula immediately due to warnings that terrorist plan to kidnap vacationers.
JERUSALEM - EVEN at the height of the Palestinian intifada, when bus and sidewalk bombings inside Israel were common, Israeli tourists flocked to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to swim among its brilliant coral reefs, windsurf or just relax on its quiet white beaches.