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type genus of the Simuliidae: blackflies

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In a later study by Service (1979), light traps were tested for their ability to collect ovipositing Simulium squamosum populations in Ghana [11].
Se registraron 8239 individuos agrupados en ocho ordenes, 36 familias y 71 taxones, donde los generos Baetodes, Cricotopus y Simulium fueron los mas abundantes, constituyendo el 54,3% de total muestreado (Anexo 1).
It is transmitted through repeated bites by black flies of the genus Simulium. Adult worms live in fibrous nodules under the skin.
One or more species of black flies from the Simulium ochraceum complex inhabits the Galapagos Island of San Cristobal and was first reported to attack people in the early 1990's.
Walton, "Phylogeography of the black fly Simulium tani (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Thailand as inferred from mtDNA sequences," Molecular Ecology, vol.
fuliginosa [41], Blattellagermanica [40,41], Neostylopyga rhombifolia [40], Tribolium castaneum [38, 42], and Sitophilus zeamais [43]; the aphid Tetranychus urticae [44]; seven Diptera, Loutzomyiayoungi [45], Simulium damnosum [46], Aedes albopictus [21, 47], Ae.
The disease is spread by Simulium damnosum which breads in fast-flowing waters like dams and rivers.
(2004) reported the presence of Simulium silvestre, an ornithophilic species, at Rankin Inlet, as well as other ornithophilic species (e.g., Simulium anatinum and S.
To date, the only black fly species from which nematode DNA has been isolated is Simulium tribulatum, which is endemic to southern California (5).
De acordo com LUTZ (1922) apud (D'ANDRETTA e D'ANDRETTA JUNIOR, 1945) as pupas de Simulium orbitale Lutz (1910) tem preferencia em se fixar nas Podostemaceas, pois estas apresentam um papel central no fluxo de energia nos ecossistemas, sendo importantes na cadeia trofica dos ecossistemas aquaticos amazonicos (BOTERO et al., 2003; PETRY et al., 2003).
(Psychodidae), several Cecidomyidae as Lestremia leucophea, Mycodiplosis coniphaga, Rhopolomya sp., one species of Simuliidae (Simulium erythrocephalum), one Ceratopogonidae (Culicoides minutissimus) and one species of Mycetophilidae withMycomyia sp.
Primera descripcion del habitat acuatico de Simulium guianense s.l.
(1) With a much broader distribution range, Onchocerca volvulus is transmitted by Simulium species black flies and causes onchocerciasis with chronic skin and eye infections in about 37 million people in endemic areas of Mexico, Central and South America, West and Central Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen).
Simulium guianense Wise (Diptera: Simuliidae) is widely distributed in Brazil (Adler & Crosskey 2014), but it is more frequent in the northern portion of the country where it is the main vector of the nematode Onchocerca volvulus (Leuckart) (Spirurida: Onchocercidae) in the Amazon region.