Simon Legree

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a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employees


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In Uncle Tom's Cabin, the most brutal of the slave owners, Simon Legree, hails from Vermont, as does Augustine St.
He recasts the scene slightly by having Simon Legree, not Sambo, hostilely confront Gassy.
The other scenes that both convey Stowe's social and religious message and the melodramatic intensity of Aiken's drama deal with Tom, Eva, and Simon Legree, the hero, heroine, and dastardly villain.
Stowe contrasts these priestly Christian women with Simon Legree who sadistically consumes, rather than nurtures, his slaves.
Wright) looks at us as, probably, like we're Simon Legree or something .
If the passive Uncle Tom turned the other cheek and was even prepared to forgive Simon Legree his sins, the free state leader's answer to the plantation aristocrats was to summon the Cromwellian doctrine of force, regicide, and no quarter.
Both were good finishes, and the second of them was a thriller, The Tsarevich being forced past Richard Dunwoody on Roadster only in the dying strides, with Simon Legree and Another City bang there too.
Gooch's sadism rivals that of the most infamous masters and overseers from autobiography and fiction and anticipates such figures as Douglass's Austin Gore and Stowe's Simon Legree.
Operating "in true Simon Legree fashion," according to various sources quoted here, the "notoriously harsh," "acrid martinet" took "glee .
Clare and Simon Legree, as enslaved by the system as those who were physically enslaved?
It is creating a compliance and enforcement kind of thing that only addresses the most egregious issues of Simon LeGree management.
But unscrupulous whites such as Simon Legree (Stowe's villain reappears in The Leopard's Spots as "master artificer of Reconstruction policy" [103], Wall Street millionaire, and evil industrialist) engineered policies that created interracial strife.