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(Judaism) a Jewish holy day celebrated on the 22nd or 23rd of Tishri to celebrate the completion of the annual cycle of readings of the Torah

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Every autumn, on the other hand, in the ritual enactments of the High Holy Days and, in particular, Simhat Torah, they give precedence to symbols of royalty and wealth, in accordance with the Kshatriya--the noble pole of power represented in Kerala by the Nayars.
Online, I found the hymn on a couple of pro-settler sites as a song for Simhat Torah dancing--though with the word "Ishmael" replaced by "enemies."
(4) This custom probably echoes the way the Torah was read during the ministry of Ezra throughout the festival of Sukkoth (Nehemiah 7: 73; 8: 14-18), perhaps also echoing the way that the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish was recited during the course of the akitu or New Year Festival, and certainly foreshadowing the way that in the Annual Cycle the Torah reading is concluded on Simhat Torah, Rejoicing of the Torah, the last day of this festival.
Riskin had championed Women's Prayer Groups (WPGs)--an earlier attempt to expand women's role in the synagogue--as well as women's hakafot (dancing with the Torah scrolls) on Simhat Torah. These WPGs were women-only groups in which the Torah was read by the participants without the blessings before and after the reading (as these blessings require the presence of a halakhic minyan).
Moreover, because he was so determined to keep the young men on the right track, he was equally ready to rejoice wholeheartedly with them, entering fully into the hilarity of Simhat Torah as well as the joy of lively sedarim for Pesach, which were followed by dancing and revelry sprinkled with rabbinic sayings, laws, and midrashim all through the night.
Menahem Mendel had a nervous breakdown on Simhat Torah of that year, and the precipitating event was the final rupture between himself and his close disciple, R.
ON A SIMHAT TORAH EVE ABOUT THIRTY YEARS AGO I brought a brilliant young woman journalist from a Marxist kibbutz in Israel to Crown Heights to witness Habad's celebration of the joyous holiday of Simhat Torah.
Maariv for Simhat Torah ends with hakafot, during which the Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and taken around the synagogue seven times.