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a small flat case for holding cigarettes

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When Ghaffari took out his ornate silver cigarette case, which was handmade in Esfahan, Einstein inquired, "Is that silver?
Apart from pounds 60 cash, my mobile phone and two cash cards, my door key was in there, as well as an antique silver cigarette case my beloved bought me.
Fortunately the chest bullet was stopped by his silver cigarette case.
Dad was on "Sword" beach on the D-day landings and infiltrated German territory where my great-grandad (a foundry man after the war at the Alvis) had fought during the Great War, earning a gold and silver cigarette case from his captain for his bravery.
This striking Russian silver cigarette case showing the Kremlin will be included in the sale and is expected to bring pounds 400--500
Among the 24 lots to be auctioned there are also Liverpool County FA medals, a bronze plaque from a tour match to Stuttgart in 1936, Blackpool Hospital Cup medals and a silver cigarette case monogrammed with the initials H.
He also took Lady Bathurst's bag, worth about pounds 500, containing the silver cigarette case.
A silver cigarette case with digital photographs of a hand-written list recording similar information was found in Rafie's bag.
Acontinental silver cigarette case with a painted hunting scene to the lid sold for pounds 140.
WHEN Birmingham auctioneer Adrian Mackwell was asked to put a value on a battered silver cigarette case, little did he realise what a poignant piece of history he was holding in his hands.
We were always anti-smoking and when we got married someone gave us a silver cigarette case - we never used it.
Perhaps one of the most evocative souvenirs is lot 77 in the sale, a silver cigarette case presented by the then Duchess of Kent to Drobny on behalf of the Championships' Committee at Wimbledon for his performance in the 1953 'Coronation Championship' in beating Budge Patty.
When the couple married in 1969 the Queen Mother sent him a silver cigarette case - the first of many gifts, letters, and invitations that continue to this day.
Meanwhile, Roger Baskeyfield, 73, from Upton, wrote in to say: "I was working for Gallahers (tobacco company) at the time and we presented a silver cigarette case to the pilot/captain, L.