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formerly a bank note issued by the United States Treasury and redeemable in silver

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paper currency, and that was way back in the late 1800s when Martha Washington graced a $1 silver certificate.
US silver certificates could be redeemed for Silver Dollar coins until 1968, almost 35 years after private gold-ownership had been banned.
Notes for the North Africa theater of operations were specially minted silver certificates (silver certificates entitled the bearer to present them to the US Treasury and receive the face value in silver.
The gold and silver certificates scheme is a great way to encourage us to change our behaviour.
Gold and silver certificates of loyalty are being awarded to customers in recognition of continuous support as Varta agents.
Many pupils have gained gold or silver certificates over the years in the UK maths challenge.
This term the children are working towards silver certificates, with gold ones up for grabs after Christmas.
When gold and silver certificates served as paper money, the government's ability to print notes was limited by the amount of precious metal in the vaults.
E[acute accent]August 25th will feature items such as $1 gold coins, Graded Carson City Silver Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Capped Bust pieces, Mercury Dimes, Seated Dimes, Walking Liberties, Buffalo Nickels, Lincoln Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Fractional Currency, Large Notes, Star Notes, Silver Certificates and Proof and Mint Sets.
It appeared on $1 silver certificates in 1886, 1891 and 1896.
Tony Benn, Coventry City Council's cycle training coordinator, says 928 youngsters earned silver certificates last year and a further 208 started bronze awards.