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The text is informative, well-researched, clear, dry, and designed for readers with a serious interest in the structure of silica minerals.
Collector's Guide to Quartz and Other Silica Minerals packs in well over a hundred colorful photos of these minerals showing each in its geological context, covering minerals in geological settings from a wide range of locales and offering plenty of science, chemistry, and analysis of the taxonomy of the mineral group as a whole.
Other pathway that may have played a key role in hydrothermal fluid circulation is the Villamaria-Termales fault as indicated by the observed silicification, hot springs and precipitation of sulphates and silica minerals in Hotel Termales del Ruiz and la Gruta creek.
Maziar Parvinzadeh, one of the textile chemistry specialists at the Islamic Azad University's Science and Research branch, studied the dyeing behavior of polyester fibers in the presence of nanoclay and nanosilica by means of clay and silica minerals at nanoscale during his doctoral thesis.
4B: Framework silicates; silica minerals, feldspathoids and the zeolites, 2d ed.
It contains silica minerals, which improve the strength and elasticity of connective tissue in joints.