Silene latifolia

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bluish-green herb having sticky stems and clusters of large evening-opening white flowers with much-inflated calyx

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Silene latifolia Poiret [= Silene alba (Miller) Krause] is a dioecious, perennial plant found in disturbed areas along roadsides and fields.
Eight populations of Silene latifolia near Mountain Lake Biological Station, Giles County, VA were sampled for NIMs during the months of Jun., Jul., and Aug., the main flowering period for this plant across all sampling years of 1999, 2000, and 2001.
Silene latifolia (= Silene alba, see Gleason and Cronquist 1991 for nomenclature of this species), a dioecious short-lived perennial, was used as a study organism for this project because it displays sexual dimorphism in several floral traits (Baker 1951; Nigtevecht 1966; Lloyd and Webb 1977; Gross and Soule 1981; Lovett Doust et al.
To understand the nature of sex-specific selection factors that may have generated the observed sexual dimorphism in Silene latifolia, we need to consider long-term phenomena.
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