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short tube attached to the muzzle of a gun that deadens the sound of firing

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a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

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echoed the gun industry's rhetoric that silencers address a public health issue and are meant to protect gun users' hearing - hence the name of the bill before Congress, the Hearing Protection Act.
Everyone who bought a SIG silencer along the way bought the best one that SIG could make.
He explained, "the elements calls itself ( Mosul Liberation Brigades), opened fire from pistols with silencers on the so-called (Abu Ayyub), the Grand Mufti of the Court of Husba of the terrorist organization, killing him on the spot, near his home, in Jusaq neighborhood, in the right side of the city of Mosul.
Increasing interest in things from silencers to AIWB holsters can bring customers to your store shopping for these items.
A MAN was found not guilty of the possession of a silencer for a machine gun by jurors after just five minutes.
If the ATF again rules that SIG Sauer's product is a silencer component, the federal civil suit will proceed, according to the agreement approved by New Hampshire District Judge Paul Barbadoro.
So that's how I found myself on the range, left to my own devices with the current range of SigSauer-made silencers, the firearms on which they fit and a pile of ammo.
The unknown gunmen using silencers drove in high speed as they opened fire at citizens, killing one civilian instantly in al-Qadsia area, security source told KUNA.
The Silencers will also be stylishly designed, adding to its appeal.
This article highlights some examples of the use of advanced fluid system models at SwRI to provide integrated fluid mechanical design solutions for reciprocating compressor systems and screw compressor silencers.
Kasprzak, whose machinery was found with illegal silencers at a Swedish League meeting last week, suffered a rib injury in Thursday's win over Peterborough.
Saturday's match at Purfleet ended in chaotic scenes with the silencers of six riders being impounded by the meeting referee Ronnie Allan, the result of a Lakeside protest followed up by a Coventry counter-protest.
Cleaning is no longer a major problem, so most silencers on today's market are sealed.
The complication to add to this series is that the riders in Poland have been using the old silencers in their league but the new silencers used in England this term are compulsory for the World Championship series.
The broad product line includes California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified particulate filters, oxidation catalysts and silencers as well as an innovative hybrid selective-catalytic-reduction/particulate-filter/silencer system.