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structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted

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PESHAWAR -- District administration and Pakhtunkhwa Highway Authority (PkHA) in a joint operation Tuesday removed illegal signboards and encroachments from Charsadda Road.
Tenders are invited for Limited tender for procurement of signboards in kota business area
LAKKI MARWAT -- The public sector schools have started fixing signboards containing detailed information about utilization of conditional grant through PTCs (parent teacher councils) on prominent places outside the school buildings.
In the wake of an extensive phased drive, the district administration have ordered removal of the encroachments in shape of unlawful mega signboards and hoardings from various city streets to avert any threat to the human lives by such mega boards during the windstorms.
BALIKESyR (CyHAN)- Signboards of a prep school which is associated with Hizmet Movement, inspired by Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len, were removed by municipality officials without offering any justification in Balykesir province on late Monday.
Meanwhile, the students of the college to which these 24 students belonged to questioned the Himachal Tourism Authority about absence of signboards and warning alarms saying that the college management can only warn the students before leaving for the tour not after that.
This came as he launched Braille-inscribed guidance signboards for blind students at West Riffa Secondary School for Girls.
Senior railway officials admit the signboards and announcement systems have become erratic or non- functional.
THERE ARE big signboards in some of North Luzon Expressway's tollgates.
The Authority has put explanatory signboards of the traffic tariff system in all the main streets of Dubai, and the number of these signboards increases upon approaching the Salik gates.
The geographical information systems (GIS) centre at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning has so far installed 70,000 new signboards indicating the zone, street and building number in English and Arabic in various districts in Doha and its outskirts, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
The confiscated hoardings include signboards and advertisements of candidates for the National Election Committee (NEC).
Cambodia said Tuesday it will put up huge signboards identifying Preah Vihear Temple as a World Heritage site after armed conflicts broke out between Cambodia and Thailand in the disputed border area.
Earlier this year Raj had issued a diktat to all traders across the city to change the signboards to Marathi.
AIS digital signboards deliver DVD quality signage content in a compact frame you can place anywhere.