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There were just three sightings of the monster in 2002 - despite a pounds 1000 reward from a firm of bookies being up for grabs for the best account.
Systematic surveys (aerial, shipboard, strandings), in addition to opportunistic sightings by fishery observers and the general public, have been used to gather these important distributional data.
Transfixed by tales of Virgin Mary sightings, a gay composer turns a journey to Bosnia into a chorus of hope
The posthumous publication of Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions fills the void I felt open up in my intellectual endeavors when I learned of Toni Cade Bambara's death in 1995.
Several opportunistic sightings were made on Galveston Island and in the Galveston Ship Channel (GSC) in Galveston County, and near the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW) on the Clive Runnells Family Mad Island Marsh Preserve (MIMP) in Matagorda County.
Across the next 28 years, many credible grizzly sightings were reported in the San Juans, yet the official word remained: gone.
Gawker mobile subscribers will get daily messages with juicy gossip about pop-culture trends of the moment, as well as "Gawker Stalker" celebrity sightings.
In the past ten years, there have been almost 22 UFO sightings in the region, one amongst is the most latest one.
SPOOKED Welsh homeowners are reporting rising numbers of ghost sightings to police.
It will also check for new sightings, which will allow you to keep up to the minute on sightings throughout Yellowstone.
In a comprehensive report of sightings of pine martens from 1996 to 2007, the Vincent Wildlife Trust found 184 reliable sightings of the elusive carnivore in Wales in the 12 years of the study.
THERE'S good news for Merseyside's red squirrel population with increased sightings reported in key areas by the Wildlife Trust.
However, most Pakistanis who believed in the official Ruet-e-Hilal Committee (Moon-sighting Committee) were observing fast while some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan regions observed Eid after locals and imams recorded crescent moon sightings on Thursday night.
London, September 20 (ANI): UK's Ministry of Defence had launched an investigation of thousands of UFO sightings in the 1990s in a bid to see if alien spaceship technology could advance engines for the Royal Air Force.
HUNDREDS of big cat sightings will come under scrutiny at a conference.