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The organization takes submission of UFO sightings by phone and online.
Sea Watch Foundation sightings officer Kathy James said: "I was thrilled to see such a clear video that enabled us to confirm the reported species.
TWELVE UFO sightings have been reported to West Midlands Police in the past four years, new figures show.
This time last year, the trust had received 22 bluebell sightings across the UK, but more than 60 locations for blooms have been recorded this year, stretching from Dorchester to Doncaster.
AStaffordshire Wildlife Trust has appealed for sightings of the majestic barn owl - once a common sight quartering open fields at dusk - after a dramatic slump.
LIVERPOOL has been dubbed Britain's UFO hotspot after it was revealed that more supernatural sightings were reported to Merseyside police than anywhere else.
It brings the total number of UFO sightings reported to the force area - which is home to a sightings hotspot once dubbed "the Welsh triangle - to 27 since 2002.
According to the ministerial decision, the department will be tasked with overseeing all sightings for the Hijri months, monitoring astronomical manifestations, supervising the work of the field and sub-committees for moon sighting, as well as coordinating moon-sighting issues for the month of Ramadan and the two Eid festivals.
SAILORS in the Irish Sea are being urged to keep an eye open for minke whales and to report any sightings to Sea Watch Foundation, after a large group was spotted off Anglesey.
com)-- Wildlife Sightings has expanded its' citizen science services for nature enthusiasts, educators and non-profit groups.
ESSEX may have grabbed recent headlines, but the lion's share of big cat sightings have come from the West Midlands.
Summary: The New Zealand air force has released thousands of files on UFO sightings with one video showing a glowing orb in the sky.
Within the field of conservation biology and the current species extinctions, this approach was applied for the first time by Solow (1993a), who provided an equation for inferring extinction of a species based on sightings over a series of time units.
London, September 20 (ANI): UK's Ministry of Defence had launched an investigation of thousands of UFO sightings in the 1990s in a bid to see if alien spaceship technology could advance engines for the Royal Air Force.
The public are being asked to record harlequin sightings so scientists can monitor which direction they are heading in next.