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(Norse mythology) wife of Thor and guardian of the home

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A joint venture of Sif Holding and Smulders has won a contract for monopile foundations and transition pieces for EnBWs 112MW Albatros offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.
Mr Jones says the Arfon Jones convinced him that SIFs could be the way forward in North Wales.
Georgiades said the government guaranteed the SIF reserve and would cover any shortfalls, as it did in the unemployment fund in recent years.
The widely used commercial finite element software ABAQUS is applied to investigate the temperature, thermal stress and SIF distribution in crack models under thermal shock load.
The characteristic MRI findings of SIF are diffuse bone marrow edema and a low intensity band on T1-weighted images.
Four experimental diets were subsequently formulated by supplementing the basal diet with 0, 250, 500, and 1,250 mg/kg SIF (80% purity), respectively.
Methods: We used two different mathematical models commonly used in the literature, including sensitivity analyses, to estimate the number of HIV infections averted due to the establishment of a SIF in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
coli isolates were obtained from cheese samples, 216 isolates from cheese SIF + (with SIF inspection, 30 cheeses), 578 isolates from SIF--(without SIF inspection, 50 cheeses) and 449 isolates SIF--/ spice (without SIF inspection and added of spice, 31 cheeses).
When asked about where Turkey stands on the turf war between ISIL and a coalition of Islamic brigades that is often defined as the Syrian Islamic Front (SIF), a prominent Syria analyst at the Middle East Strategic Research Center (ORSAM), Oytun Orhan, told Sunday's Zaman that he believes that SIF has Turkey's support, as it is the most powerful armed group that separated from Free Syrian Army (FSA) -- an umbrella group back by Western powers as well as Turkey -- and it is also one of the dominant groups that is fighting against the al-Qaeda affiliated group.
Sif, who is Icelandic, and who trained as an artist in the United States before coming to Britain, explores several worthwhile themes in her picture-book including strategies for coping with the feeling of being an outsider, and of not always seeing what is just in front of our eyes.
During a meeting on Wednesday with executive director of SIF Mahieddine Khelladi and SIF programs director in Syria Maher al-Kbeisi, Minister al-Was said the ministry is continuing to provide services to the children of families in temporary housing centers and raising awareness about the effects of the crisis in Syria on children.
SIF Banat Crisana is the only SIF which did not distribute dividends out of the 2012 net profit.
In November 2005, Howard was arrested on insurance fraud and other charges for allegedly misrepresenting his work status, based on evidence from SIF investigators purportedly showing that he held other jobs while receiving benefits.
Dickson, who is a public member of the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board's underwriting committee, says the proposed reforms would raise the assessments paid by the 160,000 to 170,000 employers insured by SIF by 10 percent.