Sierra Nevada Mountains

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a mountain range in eastern California

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Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is critical to the year-round water supply in California, where a Mediterranean-style climate concentrates rain in the winter, with dry summers.
The then 13-year-old Boy Scout hiked alone to the top of a towering peak in California's remote Sierra Nevada Mountains and left a note asking a future hiker who found the message "to please write" and last months someone finally did.
Earlier this year, CNL paid $170 million for Loon Mountain, the Summit and two California ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near Lake Tahoe.
Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the resort is located less than a mile from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport.
The adventurer demonstrates how to stay alive if stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Little bluish butterflies high in the Sierra Nevada mountains have an unusual history.
Scientists, including those from the National Park Service and South Coast Wildlands, developed reports on 15 key wildlife linkages or corridors from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Baja California.
4% abv beer is brewed with Spanish spring water sourced from the Sierra Nevada mountains to a traditional batch fermentation process that takes several weeks and produces a full-bodied, extra smooth beer.
Cadets Tom Bolland and Gavin Dawson, both from Almondbury, will be joining eight cadets from the Halifax and Shipley and Baildon squadrons to spend two weeks adventure training in the Sierra Nevada mountains to the east of San Francisco, California.
In the beautifully written book, Blehm examines the life of backcountry ranger Randy Morgenson, who spent 28 summers working as a National Park Service ranger in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.
Mr Riddiough, 46, and Paul Dick, 55, both from Marshall Avenue, Brotton, plus John Plews, 31, of Redcar, died last month after becoming stranded in a blizzard on Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains.
Straddling California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is the perfect winter escape, a mere day trip from San Francisco.
When Erin finally catches up to Mae, the two realize they are completely lost in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with little more than a canteen and a couple of candy bars.
Born in Truckee, California, a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just west of the Nevada state line, Wilkins says she wanted to be a ballerina for as long as she can remember.
The town of Mammoth Lakes sits high in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California.
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