Sierra Madre Occidental

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a mountain range in northwestern Mexico that runs south from Arizona parallel to the Pacific coastline

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The only other known population in the Sierra Madre Occidental, at Ejido Ojo de Agua El Cazador, has shown decrease numbers through time because its status is highly precarious (JHMG, JN).
Running NW to SE is part of the Sierra Madre Occidental, a very long mountain range with a peak reaching 3,840 m (Pico de Tancftaro), with many volcanoes, and with oak-conifer forest as principal vegetation.
The Huichol Indians are from Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental region.
In addition to its small radius of maximum winds, the impact of the storm was tempered by the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, which shielded the more densely populated coastal exposures from widespread destruction that could have otherwise resulted from a strong Category 5 hurricane.
The rain first falls first over Mexico, then spreads northwards along the western slopes of the mountains, the Sierra Madre Occidental. The rain normally starts in Mexico at the beginning of June, but it's not until early July that rain can be expected to reach Arizona and New Mexico.