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Synonyms for sidewinder

small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States

air-to-air missile with infrared homing device

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To see how sidewinders cope with sandy slopes, Goldman turned to Zoo Atlanta.
Of the species tested, only sidewinders used a very S-curvy motion to climb, increasing their body contact with the surface to almost half their length when slopes reached about 20 degrees.
As the NTC maneuver support trainers, the Sidewinders provide the coaching, teaching, and mentoring needed to prepare BCTs for wide area security or combined arms maneuver operations.
Another reason that the Sidewinders are so versatile is their ability to provide overall O/CT coverage to a variety of units.
The Security Reporter creates printable and instant click-through reports and graphs for security events generated by the entire line of Sidewinder G2 Security Appliances.
Black Hat Consulting finds, "The Sidewinder G2 is by far the sturdiest security system we've ever audited.
Secure Computing's Sidewinder firewall, due to its underlying security design, its application proxy architecture, and its bundled secure operating system, SecureOS(TM), is a textbook example of the combined mechanisms necessary to protect remote access to Citrix servers," said Charles Kolodgy, research manager, Internet Security Software at IDC.
The new interoperability between Secure Computing and IBM enables Tivoli Risk Manager to accept and manage Sidewinder security alert notifications.
Sidewinder, the World's Strongest Firewall and VPN Gateway, is