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English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831)

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One would think that, after Garrick, Siddons would employ a style of acting reminiscent of his but from the evidence of contemporary accounts it seems her performances harked back to an earlier era.
Siddons said if the environment in the Kiwi dressing room is fine, Ryder would be ready to come back, adding the-handed batsman's suitable environment is generally different from that of other players.
The Duke's influence led to Esten and her mother becoming lessees of the patent of the Theatre Royal Edinburgh, to the disappointment of the previous manager, Stephen Kemble, the brother of Sarah Siddons.
I want to begin by establishing Lawrence's relationship with the Siddons and Kemble family and draw out some particular points about this.
This weekend could give the Sarah Siddons dynasty even more success as The Reaper, a grandson of Athlumney Lady, is in today's Woodlands Stakes at Naas (3.
As Judith Pascoe brings to our attention in The Sarah Siddons Audio Files: Romanticism and the Lost Voice, the Romantics were the last generation to live without recording devices.
But Siddons, (far right) has slammed the idea of such a move, insisting relegation would destroy the progress that has already been made by Bangladesh.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons said he hoped his players realised "they can beat anyone" after their sensational win.
On the other side of the fence, Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons is chasing another big result against the hosts.
Bangladesh coach Jamie siddons believes that england stand on the brink of one-day world domination.
Coach Jamie Siddons was frustrated with the performance of the middle order batters.
The plaque is being sponsored by Cantor & Nissel and will be based in Siddons Lane, London where Mr Nissel opened the G Nissel and Co laboratory in 1946.
The tourists' coach Jamie Siddons said: "He should be ready when the bowler's ready.
Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons said his side were now virtually out of the match.
Tigers coach Jamie Siddons has attempted to stir up the issue of Strauss' self-imposed rest period in recent days, saying the issue may "bite them in the bum", but Cook refuses to be sidetracked ahead of his first ODI as skipper today.