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one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point

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A leading obstetrician who specialises in Siamese twins, said the newborn girls were "in the best place in the world".
The December 10 operation on Eman and Sanchia at Birmingham's Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital was the first in the UK in which Siamese twins conjoined at the spine have been separated.
Mr Dickson split from his former wife the year before he first shot to fame by carrying out surgery on another set of Siamese twins, Chloe and Nicole Astbury.
THE successful separation of newborn Siamese twin girls at Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday was more than just a miracle of modern medical science.
The longest British operation on Siamese twins took place in Manchester last November when surgeons took 20 hours to separate three-month-old Maltese sisters Jodie and Mary.
HOW common are Siamese twins and what happens to them if they are not separated?
Adviser at the Royal Court and the head of the medical surgical team in separating Siamese twins, Dr.
SHOCK rocker Marilyn Manson is poised to live out a bizarre ambition - to perform on stage with Siamese twins and child wrestlers in front of a naked crowd.
The Attards went to Manchester for specialist medical help after learning they were expecting Siamese twins.
Prof Spitz, who has himself separated five sets of Siamese twins, said: 'These babies are extremely critical after surgery and they have to be carefully monitored in intensive care.'
ONE of the Siamese twins separated at Great Ormond St hospital was back in surgery yesterday.
Sir, - Listening to all the media interest in the agonising case of the Siamese twins, I am led to wonder why the probable death of one small child, (or even two,) should have raised such hysterical opinions with the general public, when numerous abortions are carried out each year with little comment.
THE parents of Siamese twins Jodie and Mary have taken the heart-rending decision to condemn one of the girls to death.
This twins separation surgery is the 40th case (out of 94 cases) reviewed by the National Program for Separation of Siamese Twins. --SPA 17:59 LOCAL TIME 14:59 GMT
A PAIR of Siamese twins have been separated by a team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, it has been revealed.