Siamese twin

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one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point

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Rita and Zita Rezanovas were born conjoined on October 19, 1991, but later the Siamese twin sisters were separated.
Dr Madan said that the mother, aged 28, was diagnosed as carrying Siamese twins at 16 weeks of pregnancy by SMC doctors.
A pair of Siamese twins joined at the spine both survived an operation to separate them last December.
IT was an emotional farewell as a Siamese twin prepared to leave hospital - leaving her sister behind.
The parents of Siamese twin girls separated in only the third operation of its kind told yesterday of their ``elation'' and gratitude.
THE parents of Siamese twin girls, now recovering after a dramatic operation, have told how they were too afraid to show any love for their "little miracles".
TWO Siamese twin sisters from Coventry were today praying for the twins who were separated at the same hospital which saved their lives.
THE birth of Siamese twin crocodiles has stunned officials at a private zoo in Thailand - which, as the former Siam, gave its name to the condition.
I told him, I said, `Mark, I bet you didn't know you had a Siamese twin,' '' Bryant said with a laugh.
SURGEONS saved the lives of two newborn Siamese twin girls yesterday after their hearts stopped beating during an operation to separate them.
THE parents of Siamese twin Mary, who died in a 20-hour operation to separate her from sister Jodie, were today being comforted by relatives following the baby's funeral.
THE successful separation of newborn Siamese twin girls at Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday was more than just a miracle of modern medical science.
Ahmed Al-Feriyan, Consultant of neurosurgery and head of the medical team to participate in the Syrian Siamese twin separation surgery.
THE Siamese twin whose sister died so she could live has been named.
Siamese twin Jodie was last night battling for survival after the mammoth 20-hour separation operation which ended in the death of her weaker sister Mary.