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a port city in eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean

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The Jews who decided to remain in Shushan rather than move back to Israel did in fact display indifference to the Temple.
Shushan Postmaster Al Prindle was among his subjects, often paired with another Shushan resident, Alva Roberson--famously depicted in the series, "Four Seasons" that is often reproduced on calendars.
Metz TF, Mechtler TP, Orsini JJ, Martin M, Shushan B, Herman JL/et al.
at 2926, identified the first intangible rights case as Shushan v.
Apache said four of the discoveries were in the Faghur basin with one each in the Shushan, Matruh and Abu Gharadig basins.
The Faghur Basin yielded four of the discoveries with one each in the Shushan, Matruh and Abu Gharadig basins.
condition is satisfactory, Spokesperson of the Medical Center Shushan Hunanyan told ArmInfo.
Maimonides' word "acceptance" indicates an actual or tacit contract between ruler and ruled; Mordekhai Jaffe says that otherwise the king is a robber (Levush, 'Ir Shushan 369).
Wallace as she tells the story of Esther, a Jewish woman who gains prominence as the Queen of Shushan.
With: Roy Assaf, Rotem Ziesman-Cohen, Gal Friedman, Itzik Golan, Gili Shushan, Haim Hova.
We also market and sell handicrafts to help support local communities," said RSCN Marketing Policy Manager Omar Shushan.
3) As Matthews and others have shown, the novel's events and their organization around an airport dedication are based on the actual opening of Shushan airport in New Orleans--and the role of the city's oligarch, Abraham Shushan (on whom Faulkner bases Col.
Khuzistan, meaning the Land of the Khuzi refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the Susian people, Old Persian Huza or Huja (as in the inscription at the tomb of King Darius I at Naqsh-e Rostam, (the Shushan of the Hebrew sources) where it is recorded as inscription as Hauja or Huja.
Apache continues to evaluate 3-D seismic surveys to identify additional exploration opportunities, including a recently completed 400-square-mile (1,040 square kilometers) survey across the Apache-operated Sallum Concession on the west side of the basin, and a 656-square-mile (1,698 square kilometers) survey covering the eastern part of the basin underlying the Khalda Offset, South Umbarka and Shushan concessions.
heroes: the Jews of Shushan were not living in forced exile.