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a port city in eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean

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In the wake of Shushan, each of the other courts of appeals adopted the doctrine.
5 miles to the northeast of the Jade field in the western Matruh Basin, the WKAL-T-1X and WKAL-N-3X within the West Kalabsha Concession in the Faghur Basin, the SIWA-R-1X located in the Siwa Concession in the Faghur Basin, the Buchis W-2X in the Buchis Development Lease on the north eastern margin of the Faghur Basin and the Falak NW-1X in the Khalda Development Lease on the northern flanks of the Shushan Basin.
Merle Nelson of Hollywood, stunt flier, was burned to death at 9 o'clock tonight when his small comet plane crashed to earth and was destroyed by fire at the Shushan Airport here.
Kasper DC, Herman J, De Jesus VR, Mechtler TP, Metz TF, Shushan B.
The name Khuzestan means "The Land of the Khuzi", refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the "Susian" people (Old Persian "Huza", Middle Persian "Khuzi" (the Shushan of the Hebrew sources) in the same evolutionary manner that Old Persian changed the name Sindh into Hind").
Apache continues to evaluate 3-D seismic surveys to identify additional exploration opportunities, including a recently completed 400-square-mile (1,040 square kilometers) survey across the Apache-operated Sallum Concession on the west side of the basin, and a 656-square-mile (1,698 square kilometers) survey covering the eastern part of the basin underlying the Khalda Offset, South Umbarka and Shushan concessions.
While the darkness of the Babylonian exile had ended and Jews lived in relative freedom from oppression, it became clear that their new Persian rulers were not immune to strains of virulent anti-Semitic proclivities as manfiested in the city of Shushan prior to the story of Purim.
It appears to me that the devices that have landed on the beaches were washed up after failing to detonate at sea," Ben Shushan told Army Radio.
The find is in a sparsely drilled area in Apache's 100% owned Shushan C concession.
This year's lecturers will include Ellen Shushan, Janine Skerry, and Titi Halle.
With a brief but telling line, the chapter concludes: "And the king and Haman sat down to drink, but the city of Shushan was perplexed .
Thediscovery, which is located in a sparsely drilled area in Apache's100-percent-interest Shushan "C" Concession, logged 178 feet of net payin the Lower Safa -- one of the thickest Lower Safa pay zonesidentified since Apache's 2003 discovery at Qasr -- as well as 45 feetof probable gas-condensate pay in the Jurassic Alam El Bueib (AEB) Unit6 sand and 30 feet of probable oil pay in the Lower Cretaceous AEBUnit 3.
Este tipo de disposição dos tecidos condutores é comum entre os demais membros de Orchidaceae, tendo sido descrita nos estudos de Shushan (1959).
Russia have proven resilient opposition in Group E, conceding only one goal - an 84th-minute strike from Israel's Amit Ben Shushan in October's 1-1 draw-and Kanchelskis credits their new manager for the current international renaissance.