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a person who administers punishment by wielding a switch or whip


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Contract Awarded to Provide two H3 hybrid shunting locomotives for freight transport
1/2015 of shunting locomotives of types D245 and D255 through inclusion of a system of supervision and control;b) Construction of three prototype locomotives (seeded) the types D245 (series 2101-2286), D245 (6010 to 6124 series) and D255 (series from 2001 to 2030), to be performed at the ISAB Trenitalia;c) Delivery Trenitalia documentation necessary to achieve the Authorisation Commissioning (AMIS) and the provision of maintenance tools for the seedings in point b) and carrying out of educational personnel Trenitalia;d) Supply to Trenitalia the additional 149 kits for the adjustment referred to in paragraph a) of the locomotives of the series.
The rest are due to be despatched from China during August, along with five DF7K-C Bo-Bo shunting locomotives, reports Britain's Railway Gazette.
Squadron commanding officer Major Simon Watkins said: "The exercise provided our soldiers with the opportunity to practice driving and shunting locomotives as well as operating communications systems and assisting with the day-to-day running of the railway.
Evening trains, the possibility of a rare chance to ride behind some of our shunting locomotives, and trade stalls are all other features under planning at present.
Youngsters chose names for the depot's two shunting locomotives as part of a colouring competition.
Its rolling stock includes 117 main-line locomotives, 95 shunting locomotives, 14 train sets with electric power cars, 414 passenger coaches and 7,381 goods wagons.
Bombardier said the locomotive's capacity to operate for up to eight hours on non-electrified track sections does away with the need to support diesel shunting locomotives.
Contract notice: Provision of services of shunting locomotives, shunting team along with traction and maneuverability team contractors and provision of shunting team contractors maneuvering locomotives shunting and towing employer.
Swiss Federal Railways has placed two orders aggregating SFr265m for Alstom to provide 47 mainline and shunting locomotives and Windhoff 35 self-propelled infrastructure maintenance vehicles, to handle expanding volumes of infrastructure construction and maintenance traffic.
Modernisation of 30 diesel shunting locomotives, to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection.
Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract for hiring diesel shunting locomotives, 1400 HP or equivalent on lease for placement & shunting of BOBR & BOXN Rakes inside DSTPS Siding for one year on OTE Basis at DSTPS (25X500MW), DVC,Andal.
Contract award: provision of services of shunting locomotives, shunting the team traction and maneuverability team / teams maneuverability.