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Yes, this requires additional time and staff, and isn't something that can be handled by shovelware, but it will improve the results.
Papers that do run their print content online often resort to shovelware.
The ones who don't get it take the shovelware approach, dumping warmed-over press releases and recycled brochure material onto their sites with little thought to whether it works on the small screen or not.
The truth is, consumers are spoiled: They expected CD-ROMs to look just like tv, and instead we delivered bad video and shovelware content.
With Hollywood-themed titles, panel discussions at the conference will provide media leaders and online journalists with ideas that they can take back to their newsrooms on everything from business to content, including topics such as: "Survivor -- The Newsroom: How to Get Shovelware Off Your News Island" and "Extreme Makeover: How to Make Your Site Gorgeous, Friendly and Popular.