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I did a nice, big, old-fashioned shout-out for Izzy, Nat, Zak, Becky, Ryan, Slim and Devania who were all "chillin" in the brand new passenger shelter at my local, unmanned train station.
But what was the wisdom behind the world's fastest men giving shout-outs to the second city all those weeks ago?
"He gives shout-outs on his show every week - listeners are familiar with this format - and he would never knowingly give an identifiable address for a private party."
The guests were also shown celebrity shout-outs and perfume sampling which gave them an astonishing sensing and visual experience Wasim Badami then took the centre stage and delivered a powerful speech, which was followed by an amazing interaction with the attendees.
He then filmed 24-year-old Louella's drawn-out death while laughing and giving "shout-outs" to his rap group instead of getting her help.
Among Legends' Kickstarter campaign, launched Monday, features a video from the band, a description of how they plan to create the album, and a list of rewards that range from high-fives and shout-outs to custom, personalized songs.
When you place your order, the staffer behind the counter asks for the name of your favorite musical act, not for your name, which leads to shout-outs that will have you chuckling while also questioning the taste of your fellow diners.
By the time the new century began, many mistresses even do shout-outs on Instagram.
Other highlights are Ariana's exes getting shout-outs. Her most recent, comic Pete Davidson, 25, is described as "huuuuuge" in a nod to his nether regions.
There was no lack of cheering for the procession that featured flag-waving, bagpipe music and some great shout-outs from the participants dressed up in the forerunner to the modern-day kilt.
People, tech and VOICE Summit's host city all got shout-outs in early sessions Tuesday.People, tech and VOICE Summit's host city all got shout-outs in early sessions Tuesday.
"People posted some shout-outs [online], so we had a look through and thought this looked really cool - so, here I am!
Carr and Sykes's show, also on Radio 2, will feature "music, nuptial shout-outs" and "listeners' texts and emails" while Ball will host a wedding-themed Saturday afternoon.
Josh Norman did the invocation and shout-outs were refereed by Clarke Stroud.