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Additionally, the multi-interface shoe provides balance audio input for the optional XLR-K1M adaptor kit, which adds a high-quality mono shotgun microphone and pro-standard XLR connections for dependable audio acquisition.
His innovations include the shotgun microphone, open-back headphones, infrared transmission technology and developments in multi-channel wireless technology.
Dual accessory shoes (Alpha Hot Shoe/Universal Cold Shoe) allow for many still photography and video accessories, such as the ECM-CG50 shotgun microphone and external flash lighting.
is expanding its selection of Energizer premium photography accessories and introducing professional shotgun microphones for elite audio capturing.
The same goes for the two new shotgun microphones - the MKH 8060 and 8070, whose natural sound makes them ideal for sports transmission and film production.
In all, Thomson estimates he owns more than $120,000 worth of equipment, including a track and a dolly, wireless lavs, an audio mixing board, shotgun microphones and a boom pole, two preview monitors, a teleprompter, and 2000 watts of AC lighting.
Using remote and shotgun microphones, I cut a small hole in the plastic, insert the mike cord through the hole and into the camera, and duct-tape the hole shut to keep out water.