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I'll demonstrate connecting my Canon XH Al to a battery-powered Azden shotgun microphone, but I'll keep reminding you that while the procedure will be similar for most camcorders, the connections and settings will differ.
They have a $300 consumer video camera and a $100 shotgun microphone.
Balanced XLR inputs with phantom power are provided on the camera for an external microphone and/or wireless receiver, and a shotgun microphone is provided.
For wireless boom miking, there is an MKH 8060 shotgun microphone with SKP 2000 plug-on transmitter, while an SKM 9000 handheld transmitter and an MKE 1 clip-on microphone are showcased as miking options for ENG work.
In a run-and-gun situation, a good on-camera shotgun microphone can help make the most of the situation.
A snug compartment for accessories, such as a shotgun microphone, and cables is located in the case's lower depths.
His innovations include the shotgun microphone, open-back headphones, infrared transmission technology and developments in multi-channel wireless technology.