commercial paper

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an unsecured and unregistered short-term obligation issued by an institutional borrower to investors who have temporarily idle cash

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Consumers, too, are showing strong preference for short-term paper when they are looking for places to park cash, said Colby, who indicated credit unions will see lower demand for longer-term certificates of deposit and greater demand for highly liquid instruments such as money market accounts.
Furthermore, of the total bids received amounting to PKR 234bn, major participation was witnessed in the short-term paper at PKR 196bn whereas 6 & 12-month bills accounted for only PKR 30bn and PKR 8bn respectively.
lt;p>According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Saudi fixed-income security market consists of short-term paper issued by the Treasury (Treasury bills), with a maturity of up to one year, and bonds issued by the government through SAMA, which range in maturity from two to 10 years.
The issuance of very short-term paper dropped dramatically with the new source of longer-term funding and stayed low as the longer-term issues held began to roll over in late January.
The investor group has been trying to get banks to back a plan to swap the short-term paper for longer-term debt.
Short-term paper will also see the risk priced into the deal.
Based on these factors, variable-rate demand obligations (VRDOs) were developed that allow nominally long-term debt to behave (and be priced) as if it were short-term paper, offering benefits to both investor and issuer.
They primarily finance their lending activities through funding or by issuing bonds, notes and short-term paper.
3% in short-term paper, while financial trusts take up just 0.
Furthermore, the few that I know who have been "fortunate" enough to have been heavily weighted in short-term paper are complaining bitterly that, with a 1-1/2-percent current yield, their incomes are less than one-fourth of what they used to be and that they have been forced to spend principal.
mutual funds and pension funds lost billions of dollars, because their portfolios were heavily weighted with Mexican stocks, bonds, and short-term paper.
1) Issuing short-term paper of its own or certificates of deposits or investments of not less than 30 days' maturity.
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