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the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store

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We will continue to target shoplifters and take action to ensure they are caught and face the consequences.
Police officers will be carrying out daily patrols in the public transport interchange at the Metrocentre to target shoplifters entering and leaving the shopping centre.
The sign added that since new management had started at the store, nine shoplifters had been caught.
As reported in the Gazette earlier this week, a massive force-wide festive crackdown on suspected shoplifters and car thieves has already begun.
This is epitomised in the recent uprising of the middle-class shoplifter, someone who has turned to t h e f t to sustain t h e i r standard of living.
Officers will be specifically targeting known shoplifters and teams of shoplifters who prey upon the retail establishments at this time of year when there are large numbers of people about.
SORRY STATE: There are plans to let first-time shoplifters apologise
Shop-owners and the public want to see shoplifters properly punished, not just running the occupational hazard of getting fined if caught, '' he said.
Currently, convicted shoplifters face a custodial sentence or a fine, while retailers can also seek compensation, said Association of Convenience Stores public affairs and commercial manager James Lowman.
The interviews indicated that plainclothes detectives can be effective if shoplifters know that undercover detectives might be present.
There have been nine arrests that can be directly attributed to the retail radio which included two people arrested following a purse snatch, shoplifters and people wanted by the police.
Trade experts say major department stores could expect to catch up to five shoplifters or credit card fraudsters a week.
Secret Pockets meets Adela Shapiro, who runs the only therapy group for compulsive shoplifters anywhere.
Police are to charge serial shoplifters who steal from Birmingham city centre stores with burglary.
RESEDA - Vice officers investigating tips of shoplifters stealing bottles of alcohol from supermarkets and then selling them to liquor stores, arrested two liquor store employees Wednesday in an undercover operation, police said.