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a member of a Bantu tribe living in present-day Zimbabwe

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a Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe

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Shona was able to tell us that the photograph featured Chalet Bar customers presenting a cheque to consultants from Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
Authorities have decided the drug is too expensive - meaning Shona may have to wait until her lung capacity drops to 40%, like her sister's.
Kirsty, 29, from Falkirk, said: "I am grateful to receive the drug but distressed that Shona is not getting it."
The women are awkwardly reunited as mammy comes over from Ireland to visit the in-laws - Shona's boyfriend Vish's family - who turn out to be completely adorable, even when they're subtly enquiring as to when Vish and Shona might have children, and are still displaying a framed picture of Vish and his ex-wife.
About 100 members of the Shona community came from Zimbabwe in 1959 and 1960 to preach as missionaries, but were unable to go back home back after Kenya gained independence.
Corrie is set to airshocking scenes next week - with Shona's lifehanging in the balance.
Shona arrives home, but she and David don't see eye to eye when she reveals that she's worried about Clayton.
On-the-run prisoner Clayton Hibbs, played by Callum Harrison, 20, grabs Shona and takes her hostage in a bid to avoid recapture.
In the Zimbabwean Shona culture, there are also number-related beliefs, rules, and values which are critical so as to maintain order, 'balance,' survival, and continuity within the society.
Lady Shona Comedy, aka Shona Lawson, has already launched similar nights in other parts of Scotland - and the talented performer is thrilled with the response of Coatbridge residents to her latest location.
e Sadly Shona recently lost her mother Marian Whitaker to cancer on June this year and experienced care at St David's.
Meanwhile, the court still has to content with the issue of language to be used during trial because in June last year when the trial was just about to commence, the accused asked the court that he be allowed to use Setswana instead of his native Shona language.
However, after six decades of living in this new land, the Shona remain strangers, unrecognised by the government.
YOU back our stance after we refused to publish intimate images of EastEnders' star Shona McGarty...