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the shoemaker's trade

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Shoe making of Marri and Bugti areas is famous for its peculiar styles and designs.
Yasir and Raja Tariq , residents of the house in whose rear side a bakery, shoe factories and scrap godowns are occurred, complained that the smoke emitted from the burning of scrap material, bakery items and recycling of plastic for shoe making enter their houses from the windows of their rear side rooms due to which their children are becoming patients of asthma and sour eyes.
Pakistan shoe making industry is predominantly located in and around city of Lahore, where almost 80 percent of the documented sector of the country is located.
Now they are offering the city's stylistas the chance to step into the world of design themselves by offering shoe making workshops.
Beginners and advanced shoemakers come to the college from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds to learn classic shoe making. Lyndsay, who calls her own aesthetic "Functional, elegant, rugged, intelligent," says The Shoe College is defined by its emphasis on the basic technical and artistic aspects of shoemaking.
Ltd has taken over shoe making PT Spotec Indonesia, which earlier was reported to have collapsed because of miss management.
The words relate to the many industries in which local people have worked over the centuries, including boots and shoe making, lead working and pottery.
The latest issue meant Mr Mandelson had to balance the needs of retailers in countries like the UK and Denmark - which outsource shoe production to Asia and buy in cheap stock - with the needs of producers in countries such as Italy, France and Spain, where shoe making continues.
A London-based company, Prior 2 Lever (P2L), plans to launch the new shoe making service in April.
The majority of businesses are in food production and sales, street vendors, brick manufacturing, shoe making, carpentry, auto repair, beauty salons, office services and tailoring.
It featured a one-day skill acquisition on bag, bead and shoe making using local fabrics, while the empowerment, which was the highpoint was graced by dignitaries from all walks of life, including the patron of the foundation, Mr Jimi Agbaje; colleagues of the movie producer: Grace Armah, Doris Simeon, Ejiro Okurame, Gloria Mba, Monalisa and ace comedy actor, Victor Osuagwu.
My local craft shop was intrigued with the project and when I showed them the results they asked me to set up some paper shoe making classes."
RAWALPINDI -- Mushrooming shoe making and paper making factories have turned Bangash Colony into volcano posing life threats to the residents.
Meanwhile, branded shoe making companies from the European federation for consumer goods industry have agreed to cooperate with Indonesia to cope with possible shortage in footwear supply in Europe.
BC Leathers specialises in leathers for the orthopaedic, saddlery and shoe making industries,as well as specialised tools for the leather industry.