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Synonyms for Shivaism

a Hindu sect worshiping Shiva

worship of Shiva one of the 3 chief gods of the Hindu pantheon


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Buddhism became fashionable in Cambodia in the mid-tenth century, coexisting with the dominant Shivaism and (to a lesser extent) Vishnuism.
66) Philosophically, what linked Shivaism to Buddhism was the notion of unity in multiplicity, but this has not yet been analysed in a rigorous way.
Within the so-called schools of Kashmir Shivaism there are teachers who climbed the highest peaks of religious speculation: Utpaladeva (900 or 925-950 or 975) and this work are particularly important within these schools.
It represents an important contribution to the study of Kashmir Shivaism.
Chatterji (1914), under the collective name of Kashmir Shivaism - found the manuscript copy of the Matsyendranatha Samhita (MSam) in the course of his search for unpublished Saiva and Sakta Tantric manuscripts in several British libraries.