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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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T2 Tectonic subterrane, phylit, metamorphic shale about shist and phylit C.
It is underlain by Paleozoic-age metasediments of the Cacaguapa shist, with greenschist to epidote-amphibolite facies metamorphism.
The gold values appear to be within a shist terrain considered to have good potential for hosting additional gold mineralization.
On slopes with crystalline shists, gneiss, paragneiss in composition appears geomorphological processes of lateral erosion in Valsan catchment, rill wash on slopes with medium values, creeping on steep slopes; tumble down on rocky slopes and landslides on slopes with medium values with consistent layers of depositions.
Vicat (1837) presented in the section on Artificial Pouzzolanas: "Under this denomination we shall include the clays, arenes, psammites, and shists [German term for slate], properly calcined; smithy slag, the refuse of the combustion of turf and coal, and pounded earthenware; and, lastly, tile and pot shards.
The northern one, called the Olovi block, consists of a monotonous sequence of muscovite, garnetiferous and two-mica shists (Mlcoch et al.
TVI's interpretation of historical data is that the deposit consists of a series of stacked, massive to semi-massive sulphide lenses within a sequence of quartz-sericite shists.