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the principal law-enforcement officer in a county

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The earliest records of Sheriffs the name was condensed from Shire Reeve date back to Saxontimes, and the office is the oldest secular office in England and Wales after the Crown.
Starting with patrols in ancient Rome, to the shire reeves in medieval England (where we get the word "sheriff'), to slave patrols in antebellum America, and through to modern times, Rise of the Warrior Cop traces the evolution of policing from a community institution to a governmental entity.
In Saxon times, sheriffs - or Shire Reeves as they were originally known - of each county went to the King's or Queen's Court, known in Latin as the Curia Regis, to give account for the money they collected on behalf of the monarch.
Since before the Norman Conquest, the Shire Reeves, as they were originally known, went to court to account for the money collected for the monarch in every county.