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the Israeli domestic counterintelligence and internal security agency

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"The counter-operations have shown that the clear majority of Israeli citizens [who were contacted] refused to cooperate with those who contacted them, due to suspicions that their interlocutors were from a hostile source." As a result, says the Shin Bet, the would-be recruits broke off ties with the terror operatives.
The police and Shin Bet said they rearrested Segev after he attempted to fly to Equatorial Guinea in May.
The Shin Bet statement claimed Segev later visited the Islamic Republic for meetings with his intelligence "handlers."
Maharma, who was charged with establishing a cell to carry out shooting attacks and recruiting suicide bombers, received 8,000 US Dollars from Iran, according to Shin Bet.
Unfortunately, Shin Bet did not conduct the investigative procedures that are commonplace in the police and led the defendant to confess he had visited the hotel," the judges stressed.
The Shin Bet said Hezbollah was also reaching out to 1948 Palestinians through Facebook in an attempt "to recruit them to carry out terror attacks."
The planned attacks included a suicide bombing, Shin Bet reported.
Mientras el jefe del Shin Bet, Yoram Cohen, ha argumentado que su organismo hizo advertencias desde inicios del 2014 respecto a una inminente guerra con Hamas, y brindo informacion util durante la operacion militar "Marco Protector"; el entonces jefe de la inteligencia militar, Aviv Kochavi, nego rotundamente que el Shin Bet haya brindado tal aviso e informacion previa.
In recent months, the Shin Bet said it had arrested more than 90 Hamas operatives, confiscated dozens of weapons that had been smuggled into the West Bank and more than $170,000 (PS10,100) aimed at funding attacks.
It has been secretly transferring funds to its two secret services, the Shin Bet security service and Mossad that makes it difficult to monitor their budgets; Israel's Hretz newspaper revealed yesterday.
JERUSALEM (TAP) - The Israeli Shin Bet security service has arrested three alleged members of an al-Qaeda cell.
Summary: Shin Bet and police uncover 'global jihad group which was operated from Gaza with aim of carrying out major terror attacks in Israel.'
The Shin Bet says security forces sought to detain the suspect near the Palestinian village of Bilin on Tuesday.
As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew on Sunday to the United States for a visit focused on Iran's nuclear programme, Israel's Shin Bet security service announced that Ali Mansouri had been arrested on Sept.
An early leader of Shin Bet was Avraham Shalom (1980-1986) whose tenure was marked with controversy.