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Shilah described Nujeify's statements during a recent visit to the United States as "having been harmful to the Iraqi people, their national unity and the Sunni sect, who had not thought of secession from the other Iraqi sects.
Shilah considered the threat by al-Iraqiya Coalition, led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, to withdraw from the government, in the event that the said candidates names would pass, "is aimed at rising their demands.
And this is mere talk we have been hearing since months," Shilah said, pointing out that "there are several different viewpoints inside al-Iraqiya bloc.
troops presence in Iraq, for a single day, and we shall not respond towards any American pressures, if any," Shilah said, adding that "some political blocs are talking about such American pressures, that can't be imposed on us.
He who demands the departure of the American forces must talk about it openly, but there exists some elements who are talking about pressures; but we tell everybody to become open and say express their opinions frankly," Shilah concluded.
Iyad Allawi did not want the post of NCSP's Chairman," Shilah said, adding: "We, on our part, repeat our commitment towards all accords we had concluded with other partners in the political activity.
We act positively with all proposals presented by our brothers in al-Iraqiya Coalition," Shilah stressed.
Shilah said that the session "shall also summon Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristany, as well as the Ministers of Electricity and Oil.
The Parliament shall invite Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki on Monday, to answer questions related to the delay of the announcement of candidates for the security cabinet posts, and probably the names of personalities nominated for those posts would be announced in the session," MP Ali Shilah from the National Coalition told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Shilah said that "the State of Law Coalition had met on Saturday to evaluate the demands of demonstrators and confirm necessity to implement them," reaffirming that "agreement had been reached among different political blocs to reach a common viewpoint to appoint personalities to lead the provinces, based on their vocational levels.
The security cabinet posts, according to the Prime Minister's viewpoint, need serious study, and we don't want to involve the State with incompetent ministers, holding the security posts, especially in the aftermath of the recent demonstrations," Shilah said.
A delegation, led by Maliki is scheduled to head for Kuwait today (Wednesday) on an official visit, taking place within Maliki's viewpoint and the viewpoints of the Iraqi government, Parliament and President, to boost relations with Kuwait," Shilah said, adding that "both Kuwaiti and Iraqi peoples have faced injustice during the former Iraqi regime, despite fact that we are both linked with strong fraternal relations.
Shilah said: "We are determined to improve our bilaral relations and to reach fraternal and friendly understanding to settle all problems, hoping that the Brothers in Kuwait will help us, especially regarding the issue of the compensations, because we don't want the Iraqi people to pay the price of the crimes of (Iraq's former President) Saddam Hussein and what he did against Kuwait.
Things are going according to the wish of the President, to increase the number of Iraq's Vice-Presidents from three to four, provided that the 4th Vice-President becomes a Turkoman," Shilah said.
There is a preliminary agreement about the new cabinet posts, but the names are not yet set in stone," Shilah told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.