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the smallest of the four main islands of Japan

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Both participants are studying agriculture in Kagawa University on Shikoku Island.
TOKYO - Five people went missing early Sunday after their houses in Wakayama Prefecture were swept away by a landslide caused by a powerful typhoon that made landfall Saturday on Shikoku Island in the region, local police said.
Meanwhile, Typhoon Ma-on made a brief landfall on Japan's Shikoku Island, killing at least five people, injuring dozens more, and causing a total economic loss estimated at JPY3.
It is neither an academic treatment of the pilgrimage, as can be found in Ian Reader's Making Pilgrimages, Meaning and Practice in Shikoku (Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2006), nor a guidebook, such as Miyata Taisen's A Henro Pilgrimage Guide to the 88 Temples of Shikoku Island, Japan (Los Angeles: Koyasan, 2006).
The Dalai Lama is on a nine-day visit to Japan from Friday and will visit the southern Japanese island prefecture of Okinawa and the western Shikoku Island city of Matsuyama in early November to deliver speeches.
The new light-weight coated paper production line will be constructed at Oji Paper's Tomioka mill located in Anan City on Shikoku island.
Marusumi Paper, Japan selected Andritz to deliver a new pulp fiberline and chemical recovery systems for its Ohe mill on Shikoku Island Marusumi Paper will replace the mill's present pulping capacity of 100,000 with the new line's 252,000 metric ton per year capacity.
Casio Computers' plant on Shikoku Island will supply liquid crystal panels to Yokogawa.
The current issue (Winter 2002) offers two contributions by the author himself -- a longer lecture surveying the first two decades of his own life and career, and a shorter piece about his childhood experiences on Shikoku island at the end of World War II (movingly read to an audience of two hundred on his final evening at OU) -- plus four essays on his work by three literary scholars and one journalist/biographer.
Calls to phone numbers starting with 08, covering the five prefectures in the Chugoku region and the four on Shikoku Island, will be included in the service, said the western Japan arm of telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
A central route, which connects Kurasiki on Honshu Island with Sakaide on Shikoku Island, was completed in 1988.
Born in Tosa fief, later Kochi prefecture, on Shikoku Island (1841), he led clan troops against shogunate forces during the Boshin (Restoration) War (January-June 1868); entered the new Imperial army as a major (1871), and as a brigade staff officer won distinction during the Satsuma Rebellion (February-September 1877); promoted major general (1881), he commanded the Kumamoto and later Osaka garrisons; as a lieutenant general, he led 1st Division with great distinction during the Sino-Japanese War, fighting around Port Arthur (Lushan) (October 24-November 19, 1894) and in Manchuria (October 1894-January 1895); died in 1897, still a fairly young man.
Also this month, contributor John Stern, an expert on Japan's consumer electronics industry, shares some valuable tips and insights, while writer Aaron Woolfolk remembers the forgotten virtues of Japan's Shikoku Island.
5 trillion cubic feet) in natural gas -- equivalent to Japan's consumption of the gas for 11 years -- is believed to lie in the ocean floor off the coast of Shikoku island, western Japan, the officials said.