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a Chinese breed of small dog similar to a Pekingese

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Q I have recently adopted a rescued shih-tzu, a three-year-old male named "Skiddles." He has a wonderful temperament and is great in every way, but he howls!
MY shih-tzu pup Butch is so crazy I had to take him to Britain's top pet shrink.
When Geri Halliwell split from the Spice Girls, she sought comfort in her pampered pet shih-tzu, Harry.
Her willing models were regular customers Gizmo, a shih-tzu, and Gemma, an Airedale, who both helped her win the runners-up trophy and a rosette in the mixed and other breeds section.
GIRL Power champion Geri Halliwell gave in to Puppy Power as she let her pet dog Shih-tzu Harry steal the show at a charity concert.
LETTING three dogs loose on a beach was described as a "recipe for disaster" by a judge after they savaged to death a tiny shih-tzu.
From left to right are the Brewster/ Clarke shih-tzu family: Coco (mum), Inky, Freddy and Dexter (dad).
WALKIES: Paul cross Shih-Tzu Buddy and Bobby " While filming the show he met a cheeky pair of canine pals.
Three shih-tzu dogs were found close to death in a house at Linton Colliery, Northumberland, while a marmoset monkey was kept in a small parrot cage in Gateshead.
A shih-tzu was seen kennelled in a four-foot square verminous shed.
In comparison, chihuahuas, the pug, shih-tzu, pomeranian and other "teacup" breeds are thriving.
Geri Halliwell and Harry her Shih-Tzu Remember we are not LA, not every restaurant will want your four-legged friend -- so tuck them away safely in this Lulu Guiness lapdog carrier pounds 250.
PROBLEM: The little shih-tzu was living up to his name by doing his business inside.
A GOLD and white shih-tzu called Mr Woo is set to be the new star of Coronation Street.
CANINE fans will love the new star of Coronation Street - a gold and white shih-tzu called Mr Woo.