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(computer science) register in which all bits can be shifted one or more positions to the left or to the right

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Due to the timing problem, pulsed latch cannot be used in shift registers as shown in Fig.
AREA REPORT (PRIMITIVE AND BLACK BOX USAGE) Type Instances BELS 553 FlipFlops/Latches 412 Shift Registers 13 Clock Buffers 1 IO Buffers 25 DSPs 6 Figure 2.
Here we used a shift register for the second operand and a multiple generator.
Based on the circuit diagram, we have developed the flow-graph and the graph for the Mealy automaton of the automatic pulse control device for the multimotor asynchronous drive with the use of bidirectional shift registers and resistance boxes (Fig.
Figure 3 depicts the generalized SDFSM architecture (with N states) consisting of an array of N prediction states and a shift register to selectively enable the appropriate prediction state.
The results obtained are introduced in the linear feedback shift registers described above, resulting pseudo-random number sequences with longer periods, which can be used successfully for the construction of cryptographic stream keys.
Their experiments also demonstrate that loops with multiple peaks act as shift registers, or components that pass bits along from one position to the next, in the manner of a bucket brigade.
The system also stores test data, but because it doesn't identify pallets individually, shift registers must count from the beginning of the line to track the part.
In the DDS, digit manipulation involving division by shift registers produce the desired subharmonics.
A redundant set of data shift registers are provided to avoid catastrophic antenna failure should a single shift register in any chain of 19 fail.
The proposed VLSI design comprises of shift registers, ROM, adder, comparator and Finite State Machine (FSM) based controller.
It consists of L shift registers, each L bits long, programmable digital matrix (15) for analyzing L x L bits, and alarm output trigger.
This serial interface, also known as the test access port (TAP), uses five lines (data and timing) to access the daisy-chained shift registers built into each component's I/O pins, allowing a chain of JTAG-compliant components to be scanned for errors (boundary scanning).
A video signal is created when each row of the pixelized array is addressed in sequence from a vertical shift register and two charge-sensitive amplifier array chips with horizontal shift registers sense the charge on each video line.
Shift registers are use to do the circular shift operation