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(computer science) register in which all bits can be shifted one or more positions to the left or to the right

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Figure 3 depicts the generalized SDFSM architecture (with N states) consisting of an array of N prediction states and a shift register to selectively enable the appropriate prediction state.
The results obtained are introduced in the linear feedback shift registers described above, resulting pseudo-random number sequences with longer periods, which can be used successfully for the construction of cryptographic stream keys.
According to Los Alamos researcher and principal investigator Matt Newell, the new multiplicity shift registers are needed because existing devices are nearly 10 years old and becoming incompatible with other detection technology used by the IAEA.
M512 blocks (512-bits) -- up to 1,118 small memory blocks for clock domain buffering, DSP shift registers, general purpose first-in first- out (FIFO) and FIR filter delay lines.
Using CMOS technology, the drivers feature serial-input, parallel-output digital shift registers with level conversion and precise PWM display grayscale on each parallel output.
In this way, larger functions such as 128-bit shift registers or 64-bit counters can be constructed.
The PARC poly-Si technology has recently been demonstrated in image sensor arrays containing pixel amplifiers and shift registers.
IT CCDs transfer pixel data from images simultaneously into vertical shift registers, which in turn carry pixel information to the horizontal shift register.
Among the 30+ IP functions added in this new release of the Millennium PLC Software are the following: adders, subtractors, comparators, incrementers, decrementers, multipliers, encoders, decoders, shift registers, counters, multiplier-accumulators, pipelined multipliers, dynamic up/down counters, and tree multipliers.
It features 128 push-pull outputs up to 80 volts, and 30 milliamps each, and an equivalent 160 megahertz input data rate using four 32-bit shift registers at 40MHz each to save power.
In addition to the logic gate elements previously recognized in the clock tree, the software can now also detect clock trees with inferred and instantiated memories, inferred and instantiated latches, instantiated registers, shift registers, state machines, and counters.
The new device's 3-wire SPI, MICROWIRE(TM) interface links the serial I/O with microprocessors, microcontrollers, PLDs, DSPs or standard shift registers, giving designers the extra flexibility they require to enhance overall system accuracy.
It has sufficient logic to implement custom peripherals such as serial channels, shift registers and mail boxes.
Buried logic nodes are ideal for the creation of loadable counters and shift registers because all MCU access is handled directly, in the silicon.
For smaller network database applications, designers can use the flexible on-chip resources in the Virtex, Virtex-E and Spartan(R)-II FPGAs such as internal fast dedicated carry chains, built-in shift registers, and the Xilinx SelectRAM+(TM) technology that offers both True Dual-Port(TM) block RAM, and distributed RAM resources.