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a manner of speaking that is distinctive of a particular group of people

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Y mae'r ffaith i Theresa May unwaith ddefnyddio'r gair "hostile" wrth geisio cwtogi mewnlifiad yn air sydd yr un mor lwythog a "shiboleth".
Appropriately, speaking in an interview with Evelyn Grossman about his book, Shiboleth, for Paul Celan, Derrida defines the latter's text as "a wound which opens, which doesn't heal, the hiatus." It is, he notes, "the mouth that speaks where something is wounded.
Shiboleth, Yisraeli, Roberts, Zisman & Co., a global corporate law firm that provides business consulting, also confirms this.
The contribution of Hent De Vries, 'The Shiboleth Effect: On Reading Paul Celan', focuses on the comparison between Celan's poetry and poetic and Derrida's thinking, or 'on how the singularity--the shibboleth, the date, and, what will turn out to be the same thing, the spectre and the ashes--of philosophemes, theologemes, or ethico-political tropes is figured and disfigured in Celan's poetry and poetic in ways that reveal an important aspect of Derrida's own thinking' (176).