Sherlock Holmes

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a fictitious detective in stories by A


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James Mortimer, the man of science, ask of Sherlock Holmes, the specialist in crime.
Sherlock Holmes stopped at a door some little distance from the Carlton, and, cautioning me not to speak, he led the way into the hall.
He shook hands eagerly with Sherlock Holmes, and his dark eyes sparkled with pleasure when he understood that the specialist was anxious to hear his story.
Sherlock Holmes was never at fault, however, and he muttered the names as the cab rattled through squares and in and out by tortuous by-streets.
Sherlock Holmes, you may look for your tramp, and while you are finding him we will hold on to our man.
I do not know how far Sherlock Holmes took any sleep that night, but when I came down to breakfast I found him pale and harassed, his bright eyes the brighter for the dark shadows round them.
At one end of the corridor we were all marshalled by Sherlock Holmes, the constables grinning and Lestrade staring at my friend with amazement, expectation, and derision chasing each other across his features.
Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy Moriarty clutch at each other's throats above the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, before they relinquish their grip and break into laughter.
Jay Taylor will play the charismatic and cunning Sherlock Holmes on his search for the hideous Baskerville beast, whose legend has haunted Baskerville Hall for years.
The narrative form is similar to Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, with Raffles and his partner Bunny Manders being the criminal counterparts to Holmes and Dr.
About 20 of the most ardent fans of the stories about Sherlock Holmes, dressed up as different characters or simply Londoners of the Victorian era, participated in the costume parade.
He once declared: "Some actors fear if they play Sherlock Holmes for a very long run the character will steal their soul, leave no corner for the original inhabitant.
This is also what makes Sherlock Holmes a very attractive character.
Wilmer died in hospital in Ipswich on Thursday after suffering from pneumonia, Roger Johnson, spokesman for the Sherlock Holmes Society Of London, con-firmed.
This manuscript is one of the 56 short stories written by the creator of Sherlock Holmes.