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the principal law-enforcement officer in a county

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Her Majesty the Queen has appointed Sheriff Craig Turnbull as Sheriff Principal of the Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin, on the recommendation of the First Minister.
46) Liff was the location of one of the four licenses to keep private madhouses applied for within the Sheriffdom of Forfar in May 1816 and again the following year.
Orkney Island Council v H and H Sheriffdom of Grampian, Highland and Islands at Kirkwall Sheriff Valerie Johnston 9 October 2011
When Scott took up the Sheriffdom of Selkirkshire in late 1799, he was immediately involved in small lawsuits where matters of accounting and finance called for his attention.
Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway at Dumfries
Her appointment was made permanent in 1995 and she hears cases across the Glasgow and Strathkelvin sheriffdom.
Total quantity or scope: The intention is to create a framework of 6 panels, each panel will consist of 5 or 6 service providers with suitable and named individual Insolvency Practitioners (IPs), each panel having responsibility for a Sheriffdom of Scotland.
The successful contractor will be firm of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers who are commissioned to operate in the Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway.
SM v CM Sheriffdom of Lothian and Borders at Edinburgh Sheriff Principal E F Bowen 13 January 2011