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a liturgical prayer (considered to be the essence of Jewish religion) that is recited at least twice daily by adult Jewish males to declare their faith

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By this reckoning, Shema is not a prayer in the usual sense.
Picture: Trevor Roberts TR190309SCHO-3; Assistant head Maria Dunphy (centre) with Shanaz Begum, learning mentor and (back) Tasleem Hussain, Azra Bi, Nasreen Akhtar and Shema Mohammed.
recurring, dynamic pattern of our perceptual interactions and motor programs that gives coherence and structure to our experience" (Johnson 1987: xiv), te daje opis i popis najvasnijih shema (4):
The whole of Man's Quest is an explication of Shema Israel--the absolute priority of God in human life.
Big up to my new fans, my mom and dad, big ship family father Freddie McGregor--you large--Stephen, Chino, Shema, Super Mark, Bookie, Barry Clarke, Dalton, Nico Bam-Bam, DJ Smurf, my brother Dwayne who's always supporting me, and my girlfriend, the one who turned my life around.
Lawrence Award for the Real Estate Board of New York's Most Ingenious Deal of the Year contest twice; New York's Top Entrepreneur by Crain's New York Business; one of New York's best boutique firms by The Real Deal magazine; Commercial Broker All-Star by Real Estate New York magazine three years in a row; a Top Dealmaker by Real Estate Weekly in its 50th anniversary issue; Real Estate Man of the Year for his charitable work by the Rambam Hospital in Israel; The Catalog For Giving's prestigious Urban Hero Award; and Man of the Year by Shema Kolainu, a school for autistic children in Brooklyn.
Asi fue como paso a pasito aprendi a recitar las berajot o bendiciones matutinas y el Shema Israel, nuestra plegaria tradicional.
As the people of Israel progress and distinguish themselves more and more from the surrounding pagan cultures, "the content of Israel's fundamental prayer, the Shema became increasingly clear and unequivocal: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord'" (Dt.
Camera (color, DV), Ron Katzenelson; editor; Era Lapid; music, Jonathan Bar-Giora; sound, Ilan Rosenberg, Dror Man Zura, Avisar Aga; sound designers, Sharon Shema, Barak Shalit; line producer, Sigal Landesberg; associate produce, Sigal Rosh.
For nearly three decades, Jim Shema of Hebron, Indiana, has operated Jim Shema's Outdoor Sports in Merrillville.
The unique message Jesus brought was not more moral details--when he was asked to summarize the law, his answer was essentially the same one Jews still use, called the Shema.
Then he pronounces the Shema, a goyim uttering the sacred confession of God's ancient people.
He's in great form at the moment," said Weld, "and I am aiming him for the Shema Classic over a mile-and-a-half on the turf in Dubai.