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hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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PhD student Pip Jones is taking the model ewes' temperatures as she moves them around the fields of Bangor University's research farm, comparing places where trees, hedgerows and shelter belts are grown with areas where there is no shelter.
Wind Breaks and Shelter Belts: Any barrier which slow down the speed and effect of wind is known as a wind break.
She said developing and applying water management techniques like desalination, saving and reusing treated water, fixating soils through the use of sand fences, shelter belts, woodlots and windbreaks, enabling native tree growth through selective pruning of shrub shoots and enriching soil through plantation, can help in this regard.
NEW shelter belts and hedgerows at Pontbren Farming Group, near Llanfair Caereinion, have helped slow peak water run-offs into rivers by as much as 40%.
"When we left Hong Kong in 2000 we realised we had a field at the back of our house that had a pretty perfect microclimate." Sitting next to Snitterfield Fruit Farm, the south-facing slope is surrounded by shelter belts, protecting the vines from prevailing winds.
Oak, ash and birch trees, and shrubs such as crab-apple, spindle and guelder rose, were planted on two of the estate's tenanted farms to create a number of shelter belts and spinneys.
most of the efforts at tree conservation in those Western states are aimed at shelter belts and riparian habitat.
Trees and tender shrubs on the south or north side of spruce shelter belts suffer less freezing injury due to the fact that the green spruce trees absorb heat during the day and release it at night.
It's a delightful and effective tribute to the many abandoned pieces of iron now residing in shelter belts and groves on farmsteads all over the country.
There were two great pheasant hunts--an early October hunt on pen raised birds in West Virginia and a fabulous few days in mid-November in South Dakota for tough, mature roosters hanging around corn fields and broad shelter belts. In West Virginia, I was shooting 12-gauge Remington Express Extra Long Range loads consisting of 1 1/4 ounces of No.
The key to its success lies in shelter belts. The deep woodland that surrounds the garden makes a wonderful backdrop, but their real function is to protect the garden from scouring gales.
All around are tropical gems, but much of this is due to the careful planting of shelter belts using evergreens to give someprot ection from the strong, often south west, winds.
The plantation of Eucalyptus in Sindh is mainly in shelter belts, however, the Forest Department, Government of Sindh had initiated a programme of social forestry in 1986, under which Eucalyptus was planted in 5000 acres in Khipro and some 150 acres in Jahanpur, Ghotki.
Various types of wind barriers and shelter belts have been tried over the years (Marshall; Skidmore and Hagen; van Eimern et al.).