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Synonyms for windbreak

hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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The Bepo Shelter Belt Forest Reserve has recorded impressive results in ensuring that our forests are well protected.
In my excitement, I moved too quickly retrieving my bow from its hanger, causing the buck to sprint back into the shelter belt and out of sight.
BEST BUYS Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Chardonnay 2011, pounds 8.99 Vinas del Vero Chardonnay 2010 Somontano, pounds 9.99 Wirra Wirra The 12th man Chardonnay 2011, pounds 16.99 JacksonEstate Shelter Belt Chardonnay New Zealand 2008, pounds 16.99
The number of birds 20 m from the shelter was higher (although not significant, p = 0.12) for birds provided a shelter belt compared to no shelter belt.
We limited out on birds only a couple of the days, so the price per bird was steep, but when I think of that one shelter belt loaded with roosters it was worth it.
The project aims at prevent further urban sprawl, increase green lungs within the area of the city, preserve the biodiversity of and around the city, revitalize the agriculture culture among Kurds, create a shelter belt from sand storms by planting forests, and create recreational activities.
Your shelter belt should be located according to the prevailing winds and with consideration to property lines and roads.
Norman Ross was hired by the newly established Canadian Forestry Branch (there is a slight confusion about exact dates but that is not important for our story) where he became known as "the father of tree planting on the Canadian Prairies" by his efforts to encourage farmers to plant shelter belts. By 1918, he had successfully grown apples, plums, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, strawberries and grapes, along with shelter belt trees.
rill erosion flow erosion Riparian 391 (1) + forest buffer Field 386 + boarder Filter strip 393 (1) Grassed 412 (1) + waterway Alley 311 + cropping Contour 332 (1) + buffer strip Vegetative 601 + + barrier Shelter belt 380 (1) Crosswind 589C trap strip Herbaceous 422A (1) wind barrier Erosion control Other purposes purposes Practice Reduce wind Reduce sediment Increase wildlife erosion delivery habitat Riparian + + forest buffer Field + + + boarder Filter strip + + Grassed + * waterway Alley * + + cropping Contour + * buffer strip Vegetative + * barrier Shelter belt + + + Crosswind + + + trap strip Herbaceous + + + wind barrier Other purposes Practice Reduce contam.
Tens of millions of trees are being planted to try and create a ''shelter belt'' to stop desert encroachment that is edging close to the capital and brings annual misery in the form of violent dust storms, especially in spring.
However the potential loss (through construction work) of the woodland shelter belt adjacent to the proposed access road would compromise the screening that this currently provides.
The initial phase will commence with the planting of the orchards and a shelter belt which will be completed in around two years.
Nimir commenting on the paper of the Shelter Belt in Khartoum State, said the project was provided with the local component , adding that the council assured on the situation of the foreign finance of international funds and organizations operating in the fields of environment and climate .