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the leader of an Arab village or family

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The statement recalled that following the public appeal by President Buhari to Governors of Benue and Taraba States as well as their traditional and political leaders for an urgent de-escalation of the crisis between the Tiv and Jukun ethnic groups, the two states have slated a meeting of stakeholders for tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Shehu Musa Yar'adua Center, Abuja.
'We have kicked out Shehu Sani, who has now become a blogger and Uthman Hunkuyi who has now relocated to China with his family for not giving the people of Kaduna State the opportunity of getting the loan that will help in improving the lots of Kaduna people.'
Shehu is described as white, 5ft 9in tall, and with short brown hair.
"It is confirmed that 21 of the missing Chibok girls have been released and are in the custody of the department of state services," Shehu said in ( a statement .
From about 8300m in 2009, trade was down to about 873m last year," says Shehu.
Bishop Christopher said: "Dr Shehu wrote to me this afternoon to express, on behalf of the whole Muslim community in Coventry, his outrage at the events that have happened in Paris.
In 1974, Shehu's father Sheikh Xhemal founded an association of Dervish orders and Shehu's branch is now one of seven practising in Kosovo.
Shehu said that Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to sign this agreement to boost the human rights process towards a democratic and prosperous society and to continue the political reform despite the crises witnessed by the region.
Garba Shehu said the opposition candidate's polling agents across the country say Gen Buhari, left, has succeeded in defeating President Goodluck Jonathan, right.
The passenger, Garba Shehu, who was travelling with his family, said the fuel tanker was totally burnt, the plane was partially damaged and the flight was cancelled.
Nigerian Shehu Sulat Adisa, of Hackney, East London, was found guilty of being involved in five separate drug smuggling incidents following a trial at Woolwich Crown Court.
Puis un centre d'Abdullahi Shehu trouve Aminu Umar au deuxieme poteau.
One report had him strangled by the man who succeeded him, Mehmet Shehu.
For much of his life, Umaru was overshadowed by his older brother, Shehu, who played a leading role in the coup which installed Obasanjo as a military leader during the 1970s.