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the first pillar of Islam is an affirmation of faith

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Two investigators (Sharaf-Eldin Shehada and Yacine Elhmidi) independently assessed the relevant publications for eligibility through the title or the abstract of each publication.
Marko Mihalovic and Edmond Shehada grabbed the goals for the hosts with Wassim Abdelhady pulling one back for Tadamon.
President Palestinian Union of Students Dr Same Shehada also participated in the convention.
Same Shehada also participated in the convention greeted the newly elected cabinet of SYP.
Samer Shehada voiced optimism over cooperation with the KRCS, lauding the latter's leading role for helping the refugees and the needy.
Shehada and Liu present some future reservation approaches to the Quality-of-Service (QoS) guaranteed video transmission in wireless network [5][6].
According to accounts given by survivors, the terrorists forced the Christians to recite the Shehada (Muslim declaration of faith) before shooting them dead.
The facility will eventually have a one-stop shop for servicing both static and rotating equipment, where Emerson Automation Solutions, will establish a "Quick-Ship" control valve centre and John Crane a new mechanical seal service centre, says ADOS managing director, Zuhair Shehada.
Nesreen Shehada and the team of Saratu Adamu and Aminot Ojikutu won first and second place in the daycare category, while Hajar Chaharsoughi, and Henrique Wagner came second in the coworking category.
"We must be optimistic, but cautiously optimistic," Sherif Shehada, the MP, told Reuters in a telephone interview.
Once capital has been raised a business should revisit its budget and set cash flow targets as improper cash flow management is one of the largest mistakes committed by SMEs and can be the tipping point between success and failure, according to Mahmoud Shehada, CEO of investment firm, Allegoria Capital.
Summary: Mahmoud Shehada, CEO, Allegoria Capital, Mike Hoff, CEO, Mike Hoff Consulting, and Radhakrishnan, CEO, Radius Consultants look at how a small business can properly manage funds once extra capital has been raised
Articles covering the story made sure to mention the father's name, Shehada Khalil Issa, and the son's, Amir Issa.
The suspects, who were all in possession of forged Greek passports,AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA the citiesAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA of Homs and Hasaka, were identified by the Honduran migra department as:AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Majd Ghanout Kousa, Fady Freej Shehada, Mazen Mikh Lourans Samaan and William Ghanem, Reuters ( reported .