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His inclusion of the separately published American vernacular song in his sheet-music sales catalog contrasts sharply with his complete exclusion of this same genre from the list in his dictionary a decade later - a list that includes "the names of all important works that have come to my notice.
Something of this situation is implied by the need to mix European art music with American vernacular songs in sheet-music catalogs, even during the time when the distinction between "musical works" and "sheet music" may have been at its strongest.
Whether upright or oblong in format, these bound, monograph-like documents typify the kinds of items generally listed in sheet-music sales catalogs under such headings as "Books" or "Music Books.
From the mid-1790s until about 1840, American sheet-music printing vacillated between engraving and lithographic processes.
65) Though "high class" lacks the dignity of "art music" or "musical work," it is clear from his list that Wickes means firms specializing in art music issued some of their publications in the same sheet-music format that had become standard for popular music.