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a herder of sheep (on an open range)

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Which makes sense, really, because before a young college graduate named Alan Bair spotted a National Geographic article on Central Asia 40 years ago, these funny-looking round structures were the stuff of nomadic sheepherders.
What remains are reindeer and sheepherders, a deliquescent service industry, people with second homes and others whose occupations one can only guess at.
As an example of the tragedy of the commons, imagine 2 sheepherders overgrazing the same public field (a common) until the land was overused and could no longer support any livestock.
The sheepherders and cattlemen who displaced Indians continued to employ this technique, until the imposition of fire suppression policies in the first half of the twentieth century.
Back then, in the 1940s and 1950s, it was common for women to tend the fields and acequias when the men had to leave the villages to seek work as miners, loggers, and sheepherders in Colorado and Wyoming.
The pairing begins as two young men are thrown together by their jobs as seasonal sheepherders.
So Robert Laxalt turned his back on the Manhattan publishing world, founded the University of Nevada Press, and wrote histories of Nevada, novels of ranch life, family portraits, and clear-eyed affectionate depictions of his neighbors, from Basque sheepherders to the lost souls of Las Vegas.
The livelihoods of sheepherders in Yemen are being affected by the nine year long Saudi Arabia ban on Yemeni sheep.
The programs address immigration, aspen ecology, the overlooked role of sheepherders in Western history, the effects of grazing on the environment, and an array of other subjects.
Lesser known are these carvings in the Great Basin and other mountainous parks of the West, commonly associated with sheepherders.
Most were sheepherders or made pickles and arak, an alcoholic drink.
Most people would be very surprised to know that H-1B was modeled after the H visa that allowed ranchers to import Basque sheepherders.
The duo are thrown together in Sixties Wyoming where they become sheepherders in the mountains, away from society for weeks on end.
Not much has changed from Old West range wars between ranchers and sheepherders.